Julián Figueroa's death

Marco Chacon’s  & Maribel Guardia’s son’s death news has left people wondering about his sudden demise at the tender age of 27. Maribel Guardia who once dreamt of being crowned as “Miss Universe” and “Miss World” is a famed model and actress in the Spanish industry. Her husband Marcos Chacon is a professional lawyer from Mexico who has graduated from prestigious institutes. The Spanish-speaking couple finally fell for each other but their son did not live long and died in mysterious circumstances leaving her fans as well as the couple bewildered.

She is one of the most promising actresses out there and has a bright future ahead of her. She has worked in more than 12 Spanish movies and shows where she acted in leading as well as supporting roles. Both Macro Chacon and his wife Maribel Guardia have millions of followers on their social media accounts such as Instagram and TikTok. Both of these stars have an impact on their audience which mainly speak Spanish. Their fans adore their work and are even famous among non-Spanish speakers. In the blog, we will unravel the factors that led to the tragic loss of Macro Chacon and a sneak peek into their relationship and past.

Who is Marco Chacon?

Marco Chacon is the husband of leading Costa Rican model and actress Maribel Guardia. A lawyer by profession, Marco Chacon is a graduate of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. For his higher education, he attended the prestigious “Universidad Internacional de las Américas”.

 He first met Maribel when he was her advisor in corporate and legal affairs. Very soon the couple’s affair hit the high road and they began dating. All the contracts that Maribel signs now have to bypass Marco’s scrutiny. The couple married in the year 2010 after dating for 10 years. His hobbies include traveling and bodybuilding. 

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Who is Maribel Guardia?

Maribel Guardia was born on 29 May, 1959 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Her compelete name is “Maribel Del Rocío Fernández García”. The actress is currently 64 years of age. Apart from being an actor, Maribel is also a model, singer, dancer, and TV representative. She later moved to Mexico where she met Marco Chacon. After her marriage, she chose to move with her son to the USA.

She is the former winner of  Miss Costa Rica 1978 and was a participant in the Miss World contest in the same year. When she arrived in Mexico in the year 1980, she was offered a role in the TV show. Post that she has worked in many soap opera such as “Seducción”, “Niña de mi Corazón”, and “Albertano contra los mostros”. From “Seducción” which was her first show in 1986 to “Albertano contra los mostros” which is her previous show from 2022, she has done most of the lead roles in her career. 

Her fan base is spread across continents such as South America and Africa. She also released her album in the year 2010 titled “Move You On – Muévete” which consists of 12 tracks out of which four are English and the rest are Spanish. 

Marco Chacon and Maribel Guardia’s marriage details

Marco Chacon

After dating for 10 years Maribel married her legal advisor, Marco Chacon in  2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Since then the couple has been happily married but one event that happened on  9 April 2023 turned their lives upside down. 

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Maribel Guardia son’s death news

Maribel Guardia had a son from her ex-husband Joan Sebastian whom she never married officially but had a son from the relationship named Julián Figueroa. On 9 April 2023, Julián Figueroa was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his house in New Mexico, USA. Julián Figueroa was just 27 at the time of his death.

Since the news has surfaced Maribel and her husband Marco Chacon are devastated. Marco recalled the day of his marriage when Julián was 14 years old. He was the best at his wedding and it all felt like a gift of God to him.

Julian Figueroa’s death reasons for bonding with Marco Chacon

Maribel Guardia later clarified in her post where she clarified that her son suffered a non induced cardiac arrest leading to his death. Julian was the binding factor for the couple who had been living with Macro since he was 2 years of age. Marco Chacon and Maribel did not have a child of their own and had failed a couple of times previously. Marco Chacon did not allow Maribel to undergo IVF treatment because he had already considered Julian his son.

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