Katelyn Ballman aka itskatieebee

The news comes as the shock of  Katelyn Ballman passing away to her well-wishers and fans. The famous Tik-Tok & social media star left the world in a tragic incident and left her family members grieving. The demise of the young influencer has rendered many people speechless. Katelyn Ballman was growing in her field and had a bright future ahead of her. She will always be remembered for her contribution. When news about her death surfaced on 30 September 2021, her fans thought it was a hoax news or some prank pulled up by the 27-year-old Tiktoker herself but after a few confirmations from the police and her family members, the news that Katelyn Ballman had passed away and is no longer with us shook her fans and the influencer community. Here you will be informed about her early life and other details and the reasons why she is no longer with us. Some people also speculate that it was a suicide. We will also debunk the myths regarding her death and such rumors.

Who was Katelyn Ballman?

Katelyn Ballman was born on 30 April 1994 in Cincinnati Ohio. Her mother’s name is Peggy Ballman she raised her as a single mother. There aren’t details about her father on the internet nor was even seen in her posts. She was in love with her hometown which she never left. She attended “Hyde Park School” for elementary education and “Cincinnati Waldorf School” for high school. She was admitted to Ohio State University where she was majoring in Arts but dropped out in her second year to pursue a career in the content creation field.

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After she dropped, her account became instantly popular on TikTok and Instagram. Her reels were based on daily vlogs, vines, and make-up tutorials. 

Katelyn Ballman TikTok accounts and professional life

With growing numbers of fans rapidly, Katelyn Ballman soon gained popularity after one of her videos of being relatable went viral. Her Tik-Tok is still out there and goes by the name “itskatieeebee“, People still visit her page to pay tribute and re-live memories with her past videos. The primary account on Tik-Tok has 80k followers including those who subscribed after her death news. 

Her other account “itskatieebee2.0” where she posted most of her vlogs, grwm videos, and make-up tutorials has 7000k followers. Apart from these accounts, she also had an Instagram account with the same name with 4000 followers where she usually posted family pics, vacations, and stories. She was in the initial stage of her career where she had just begun to earn through advertisements, endorsements, and affiliates.

Katelyn Ballman husband and partner


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Katelyn Ballman married at the tender age of 19 with her high-school boyfriend Josh Wurtz. The couple has four children whose names are Owen Ballman, Easton Ballman, Braxton Wurtz, and Anabelle Pastrimas-Wurtz

Katelyn Ballman passed away news and reasons

Her last video on Tik-Tok caption says “Literally in the school pick up line” where she is seen grooving with the music while in her second last video, she feels grateful for having a family and for being alive and free. 

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When many days passed by, fans were curious about the delay. It was only on 29 September 2021 a Facebook post from her aunt Saundra Mae-Lynn the world came to know about her departure from this world. She wrote her heart out when she described Katelyn Ballman’s persona. Initially, all thought it to be a hoax news or a prank pulled up by the Tik-Toker but an obituary from the Cincinnati funeral home confirmed the news. Katelyn was just 27 at the time of her death and is survived by her children and husband.

The exact reason for Katelyn Ballman’s death is still unknown nor her aunt gave clarity regarding it but rumors are there that she met with a fatal accident on 29 September 2021.