Theodore Barrett

What happened after the video of Theodore Barrett’s wife’s accident became viral a decade ago? In the video a man who names himself as Theodore Barrett arrives to brief the media in the White House where he begins the news with the demise of his wife and then proceeds further to give his briefing about the daily routine of the President as usual. In the video we also see some media representatives trying to console the man and being empathic towards him. But Theodore Barrett shows no sign of grief and wisely answers all of their answers. Some viewers also applauded the speaker for being honest in his work who is prioritizing the nation before his own self-grief.

All the people who saw the video were divided. Some believed that the video was staged while others detected no foul play. The other half of the public seems to empathize with Theodore Barrett’s wife while some are curious to know about the details of his and his wife’s accident. There is also not much information about them on the internet still we will update you regarding Theodore Barret and his wife’s accident. We will also unravel the truth about the video. Was it real or just a satirical one from the archives of 2008?

Who is Theodore Barrett and his wife?

According to the viral video, Theodore Barrett is the Deputy White House Press Secretary of the United States and his wife’s name is Jannie Barrett. The couple has two children named Bobby Barrett and Megan Barrett.

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What is in the Theodore Barrett wife video?

The video dates back to 2008. The background is that a press conference is being held and waiting for the speaker to arrive. After some time, Theodore Barrett arrives and begins to attend the media. In the video, he is the Deputy White House Press Secretary and begins by greeting the press. He then apologizes to everyone for being late and says “My wife just died”. Then without taking a pause, he goes on to list the agenda for the day as a routine. He lists that the President will be meeting Iraq officials via video call and holding talks regarding the nuclear program. 

Then his speech is interrupted by a journalist named Matthew who condolences his wife’s death. Theodore being absolutely professional acknowledges the journalist’s remarks and says there are many issues that need to be addressed. It was only after the interruption of a female journalist, that we came to know about Theodore’s wife’s name. The female journalist is also seen sympathizing with him and says Jannie Barrett was a great woman. Theodore Barrett again reminds the media that it was his duty towards the nation to keep the public informed about the President’s activities.

Then after being questioned by the third journalist, we came to know about the reasons that caused Theodore Barrett’s wife’s death. Theodore clarifies that it was a car accident and it is not a wise move to put the nation at a halt due to it.

Then questions turn from personal to professional after this. Another journalist asks for clarity regarding North Korea’s intention to which Theodore replies that he wasn’t present with the President because he was busy in the mortuary in identifying his wife’s body.

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Then things turn satirical after another journalist from the panel asks if there is anything he could do regarding the issue to which Theodore replies that they are free to send him cards and flowers in his office. 

Once again he is interrupted by a journalist who asks him about having a company. Theodore again clarifies to the house that his wife’s death is not on the agenda he would love to weep and grieve over his loss but he won’t do so because he is a grown man and has a job to serve the nation.

Wilson is the last journalist to ask him a question where he asks about the children. Theodore replies that they were with the mother when the accident took place. Both the children have been admitted to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital where Bobby is in a coma while Megan’s legs have to be amputated. 

The truth about Theodore’s wife’s accident viral video

The video seemed to be accurate and no one could detect it as satirical. All the events that are mentioned seemed accurate and the actor who was termed as Theodore Barrett did a perfect job in dialogue delivery. Digging a bit deeper also revealed that there is no record of the Deputy White House Press Secretary with the name “Theodore Barrett” at the time when George Bush was president in 2008. The Press briefing at that time was held mainly by Gordon Johndroe, Scott Stanzel, and Tony Fratto. 

A further probing of the 2008 viral video revealed that it was made by  “The Onion” platform. Till now the video has 2.6 million views and 2.50 million subscribers in “The Onion” channel. The Onion is a satirical news site from Chicago, USA, and is infamously famous for such content. Many viewers fail to differentiate between satire and reality. There are even more videos available on the channel regarding Theodore Barrett. There is also another video based on a similar format as the “My Wife Died” video with the name “ defeat a monster seen in Manhattan” where he elaborates the president’s strategy to defeat a monster. 

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