Peter Kay wife suffering from cancer

Peter Kay’s wife’s cancer rumor was all around the web and social media. Susan Gargan has been happily married to famous UK comedian Peter Kay for the past 22 years and to be clear is not suffering from any life-threatening disease. Rarely you will find Susan Gargan interacting with the media of others. She prefers to maintain a low-key profile but in 2023 news about Peter Kay’s wife surfaced. The media and fans are divided into two groups after that one confirms she has a life-threatening disease while the other group rules out this possibility. After reading the blog you will be equipped with the information regarding Peter Kay’s wife’s cancer news and her health updates.

Who is Peter Kay?

Peter Kay was born on 2 July 1973 in  Farnworth, Lancashire England. He is an English stand-up comedian who is also a writer and has acted in many movies. He has also undertaken the production of several TV shows and movies. He comes from a middle-class background where his father Michael was an engineer but died when Peter had recently ventured into showbiz. His mother’s name is Deirdre and he is from Tyrone County, Ireland. Since she was a catholic Christian, Peter was also brought up with the same faith and beliefs. 

Before becoming famous, Peter had done odd jobs where he was a cashier, factory worker, and filler at a gas station, and working in a supermarket. The episodes of his famous show “That Peter Kay Thing ” were inspired by his struggling past. 

Peter Kay’s educational background and qualifications

Peter Kay studied his higher secondary at Mount Saint Joseph School with liberal arts as his subjects. After high school, he was enrolled at the University of Liverpool where he studied Literature, Drama, and Theatre. Additionally, he also has a Higher National Diploma specializing in media performance from the prestigious University of Salford’s Adelphi Campus School of Media, Music, and Performance which is now known as “New Adelphi”. Recently in 2016, Salford’s University awarded him an honorary doctorate degree in Arts for his contribution to the entertainment industry.

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How did Peter Kay step into the entertainment industry?

You must have seen Peter Kay in the British sitcom “Cradle to Grave”. He is famous for his role as Fred in this show. Since childhood, he was determined to make a career as a Stand-up comedian. While he was at Salford University, he began working as a part-time stand-up comedian. In 1997 he also appeared in a reality show named “So You Think You’re Funny” and reached advanced stages. It was only in the year 2000 he wrote and starred in his own biopic show “That Peter Kay Thing” which premiered on Channel 4. Later two spin-offs of the show were launched in 2004, and 2005 with the names ” Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights” and “Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere” consisting of two seasons each. 

Then in 2008, he appeared in “Britain’s Got the Pop Factor” which was a parody show of British movies and TV shows. In his singing career, he released a song that goes by the name “The Winner’s Song” and remained number 2 in the UK singles charts for weeks. He is the only comedian in Britain to hold the “Guinness World Record” for selling over 1.2 million tickets as a stand-up comedian. From the year 2005 to 2011 he released 5 single tracks which became immensely popular especially “Once Upon a Christmas Song” which was released along with “The Winner’s Song” in the year 2008 and “I Know Him So Well” which was released in 2011. 

Awards and recognitions

Throughout his life, he also received many awards and recognitions which famously include the BAFTA TV Award ” in 2016 for Best Male Comedy Performance, and has won three Britsh Comedy Awards along with two nominations. For his work in the entertainment industry, Peter Kay was awarded an honorary Doctorate degree in Arts from “Salford’s University”. 

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Peter Kay’s relationship and marital status

The famed stand-up comedian Peter Kay is married to his long-time girlfriend. Peter Kay married Susan Gargan in 2001. The couple first met in the “Bolton nightclub” in 1998 and their relationship took off at that very moment. Peter at that time worked in the Cinema while Susan was working at the “Luxe store”. Now the couple has three children. Susan helps Peter manage his schedule, she is a co-producer of Kay’s standup shows and is also co-director of the “Goodnight Vienna Production”. The limelight is all from Peter Kay while most of his family members prefer to maintain a low-key profile. There is not much available in the public domain regarding Susan Gargan. 

Peter Kay’s wife’s cancer 

News about Peter Kay’s wife Susan having a life-threatening illness and cancer appeared in the media. Nothing that can support this argument is available anywhere. People speculated this only after Peter was actively supporting and donating to the cause. In 2021, Peter raised funds for Laura Nuttall who passed away after suffering from brain cancer so the misinformation regarding his wife Susan suffering from cancer spread but it was all just a rumor. Peter Kay confirmed that Susan is completely fit and healthy.

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