Mark Selby first wife

What is Mark Selby’s wife’s illness? Is she suffering from cancer or any mental disorder? These are the daunting questions that are being asked about famed Snooker player Mark Selby’s wife. Vikki Layton is Mark Selby’s wife and the couple got married in May 2011. The couple chose Cancún, Mexico as their destination wedding. Vikki Layton maintains a low-key profile but news about her suffering from terminal cancer has recently surfaced which is a false narrative.

The good news is that Vikki Layton is not suffering from any life-threatening disease like cancer but is suffering from mental illness as claimed by her husband, Mark Selby. The exact reasons why Mark is making such claims about her wife are unknown but Mark’s performance has been recently affected by some or the other problems he is going through in life. He is even claiming that he himself is suffering from depression these days. In this blog, you will be informed of all the health updates regarding Mark Selby and his wife. To begin with, let us have a sneak peek into Mark Selby’s early life background and personal details.

Mark Selby’s early life and background details

Mark Selby was born on 19 June 1983 in Leicester, England. The player is currently 40 years of age as of 2023. He is one of those Snooker players who has reached all heights of the game. He hasn’t taken any retirement from the game yet and has won 22 titles and been on the number spot time and again. He remained the number one snooker player for 11 consecutive years. Apart from playing snooker, Selby is also a skilled pool player. He was the 8-ball pool champion in the year 2006 at the World Eight-ball Pool Federation and finished second in the Chinese Eight-ball World Championship in the year 2015. He is the only player to have won Snooker as well as Pool World Championships. He is sometimes referred to as “The Jester from Leicester”.

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NameMark Selby
Marital statusMarried
Profession Snooker and Pool Player 
Date of birth 19 June 1983
Nationality English 
Age as of 202340 
Wife’s name Vikki Layton
Married on May 2011
Number of Children/Child1 daughter named SOFIA

Mark Selby’s Career and achievements as a leading Snooker Player

Mark Selby was introduced to the sport at a quite young age. In 1998, he won the England (Snooker under-15) championship and joined the professional snooker club the very next year. The young prodigy, Mark Selby was ranked 1st in the Scottish Open when he was just 19 years old. Later he finished as runner-up in the World Snooker Championships for three consecutive years 2002, 2003, and 2004 but could not emerge as a winner.

The years 2005 and 2006 were even harsher for him. He was eliminated from the first and second rounds of the World Snooker Championship tournament. He was defeated by John Higgins and  Mark Williams. Mark Selby made a great comeback in 2007 in the World Snooker Championship but had to settle for second place when John Higgins again defeated him in a major tournament. 

His comeback even surprised Higgins and he gave him the tag of “the most improved player on the tour” while giving a press conference. Since then, Mark Selby has been considered to be one of the leading Snooker players along with Higgins, Steve Davis, and Ronnie O’Sullivan. He is a four-time World Snooker champion and has won a total of 22 titles so far. 

Is Mark Selby’s wife suffering from Cancer and mental illness?

Mark Selby is married to his long-time girlfriend who also happens to be a snooker player, Vikki Layton. After dating for a long time the couple got engaged in 2010 and finally married in May 2011 in a closed ceremony organized in Cancún, Mexico. Vikki Layton is 35 years old and was born in Ipswich, United Kingdom. Before marriage, she took part in tournaments from 2000 to 2005 and participated in the WEPF Ladies World Championship and European Championships. 

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After marriage, she retired from the sport. There is little information available about her in the public domain. She is very far from the limelight but only grabbed public attention when rumors about her illness spread in the public domain. It claimed Vikki Layton to be suffering from terminal cancer as well as mental illness, but all these claims were just mere rumors and she is perfectly fine healthwise. Moreover, there aren’t any proofs to substantiate this claim. 

The problem is with Mark Selby, he has claimed to suffering from depression and is not able to concentrate on the game. In the semi-final match played between Mark Selby and Barry Hawkins, Mark was defeated by a huge margin of 6-1 which added to his misery. His only concern is that he was suffering from mental illness earlier also but it never took a toll on his work and sports but now his work as well as sport is being affected by his mental illness which is of great concern to the Snooker player as well as his fans.