Is Jamie Foxx Dead

Is Jamie Foxx dead? Here is all you must know about this current news. Jamie Foxx death news was all over the media recently. Jamie Foxx’s death news was no less than a shock to his fans or even to him but there is nothing to worry about. The actor is very much alive but was on a deathbed due to some medical complications. His condition was so severe that he was rushed to the intensive care unit on 12 April 2023 where his chances of survival were bleak.

Later the news about Jamie Foxx’s death came out to be a hoax but he was critical all thanks to his fans who prayed for his recovery. The news about Jamie Foxx’s death was not only shocking for fans but also him and his close ones. Now the news is that he has recovered and is back for work. The rumor of this news only sparked when his daughter Corinne Foxx engaged with her followers on Instagram where she had posted Jamie was having health problems.

Now she has even clarified that he has made a full recovery and was discharged from the hospital weeks ago. So to conclude, all the rumors about Jamie Foxx’s death news were false and the only believable part in all the events was that the actor was not in good health. The exact reason for what caused a sudden spike in his health is unknown so far. Here is some brief information about Jamie Foxx and all the events that happened recently.

Who is Jamie Foxx? A Sneak peek into his life 

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Born on 13 December 1967 Jamie Foxx is a popular Hollywood actor, singer, and comedian. His nationality is American and his real name is Eric Marlon Bishop.  Jamie Foxx was born in the southern part of the country in Terrell, Texas. His father’s name is  Darrell Bishop. Before converting to Islam, he was a Christian. After conversion, he changed his name to  Shahid Abdula from Darell Bishop.  Jamie Foxx was born in a rich household where his father  Darrell Bishop worked as a stockbroker. 

There is no evidence of his mother while Jamie was growing up. He was raised and adopted by his mother’s adoptive parents. Though he enjoyed all the luxury and being rich, he mostly grew up in the absence of his biological parents. Estelle Marie, also known as Nelson, was a domestic worker in their house who raised Jamie Foxx and Mark Talley, their gardener. Since he was living with his grandmother in Terrell, he gives her credit for his success.

He was inclined towards music from childhood. Since he was raised in a Christian household, as a teen, he was part of the choir in Terrell’s New Hope Baptist Church and has been playing piano since he was five. While he was in third grade, he had comic timing and his teacher would always encourage him to pursue it as a career. For high school, he attended Terrell High School and was part of the Basketball and Football teams. Apart from possessing natural talent, he also had a secret admiration for playing for the Dallas Cowboys. He was even the first player from his school to pass for more than 1000 yards. Not only this he was also a part of the high School band named Leather and Lace where he played the piano. It was all due to his exposure to multiple fields, he received a scholarship from the United States International University where he completed his degree in music and performing arts. 

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Jamie Foxx’s personal life

About his personal life, he has never married but during the year 2013, he dated actress Katie Holmes but broke up in 2019. Still, Jamie Foxx has two daughters. The name of the elder daughter is Corinne Foxx who was born in 1994 and is a producer, model, actress, and influencer. 

Jamie Foxx


It was through one of the Instagram posts of Corinne, that fans and media were able to get the news of him being critically ill. His younger daughter’s name is Annalise Bishop who was born in 2009. Apart from them Jamie Foxx also had a younger sister and her name is Deondra Dixon but sadly the family lost her on 26 October 2020 as she was suffering from Down Syndrome by birth. 

The career of Jamie Foxx so far

Since childhood, Jamie had exposure to multiple domains. He was a pianist, comedian, and mimicry artist since childhood where he would perform in schools and church. 

Most of his career sums up as a stand-up comedian where he jokes about everyday events, racism, sexuality, and Afro-American culture. His career started in 1989 when he would do stand-up comedy at a comedy club. His entry to this club was only due to a dare with his girlfriend. His second name “Foxx” was derived when he noticed that in the club females were called first to perform and his second was adopted to pay homage to comedian Redd Foxx. 

In 1996 he started his sitcom named “The Jamie Foxx Show” which was aired on WB and he was also the producer of the show. The show was an instant hit and continued until 2001. In the year 1992, he had already debuted in the movie “Comedy Toys” later in 1999 he was offered a role in the movie “Any Given Sunday” where he was a quarterback. The name of his first album was “Peep This” which was released in 1994. He has often collaborated with other musicians like Benzino, Lisa Ray, and Mario Winans. 

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Jamie Foxx death news and health update

As already mentioned, the speculation about his death only began after his elder daughter Corinne, on 12 April 2023 posted that Jamie had been hospitalized due to a medical emergency. According to the reports he was hospitalized in a hospital in Chicago after he collapsed from strokes and brain injuries. Many fans and media houses speculated that Jamie succumbed to his condition and died. But those all were rumors and he clarified the issue in his Instagram account where he posted “hell and back”.

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