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Al Stauch’s new wife proved that parenting is far more complicated than what people assume to be. Responsible parents provide shelter and a good environment for their kids to grow with induced feelings of compassion regardless of any selfish motives but time and again in the news we often hear about parents being abusive towards their child, smacking and in some extreme cases even killing especially if they are not the biological parents.

Al Stauch has been a victim of one such rare incident where his son was brutally murdered by his own wife who was the stepmother to the child. Such incidents raise some serious questions about the maternal instincts of  Al Stauch’s new wife who did the contrary to what a mother would do. This is not fiction but an actual story and the victim here is father Al Stauch who defined the country in his service but was helpless to protect his own son from his stepmother.

Still, Al did not hesitate to testify against his wife and let the judiciary decide her punishment. Here some light on the background of Al Stauch’s ex-wife and new wife will be shown along with the reasons that led to this incident. To begin with, you must know who Al Stauch is.

Who is Al Stauch?

Who is Al Stauch

His full name is Eugene Al Stauch he is a military veteran. Al was born on 8 September 1984 in the USA. His family had been in the services for generations. It was evident for  Al Stauch he would also join the forces. After finishing high school studies, Al dropped the idea of attending a university and chose to enroll in the National Guards instead. He completed his training and began serving in the Army. During his service, he was posted in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other overseas nations. For his service, Al has earned many honors and badges for his uniform including the Achievement and Combat Infantry badge. After retiring, Al ventured into the construction business.

Al Stauch’s personal life and ex-wife

For the first time, Al Stauch was married to Landon and the couple has two daughters named Laina and Melissa and a son named Gannon. Unfortunately for the kids, especially Gannon their parents separated and they had to move with their father. 

Al Stauch’s new wife

Al Stauch

Al Stauch married Letecia Stauch in 2016. After the marriage, Letecia legally became the stepmother for Gannon, Melissa, and Laina. Letecia Stauch was working as a teacher in the school of special children. The family was living together in Colorado but soon grabbed the attention of the nation after a gruesome incident.

How Colorada mother Letecia killed her stepson Gannon?

While Al was away from home and giving his services, his son Gannon went missing from their house in Colorado in January 2020. Even relations between Al and Letecia were complicated from the start. Infidelity was common and she began hating his children. 

To avenge her anger on Al she took an extreme step where she decided to kill Gannon. Media reports claim that she stabbed 11-year-old Gannon 18 times and then shot him near the jaw. To dispose of the body she packed him in a suitcase and dumped it in a secluded location in Florida after travelling in a van. Gannon’s mutilated body was found after three months there.

Al Stauch’s wife Letecia’s trial and sentences

There is no doubt left that Letecia had clear intentions to kill 11-year-old Gannon. Here is a list of facts that were unearthed during the process:

  • For her acts, Letecia was convicted of first-degree murder along with associated crimes such as tampering with the body and removing evidence from the scene.
  • For no reason, she had developed extreme bitterness for Gannon and thought her life was restricted to be of a “glorified babysitter”.
  • Her search history shows results of “I hate my son” on her device.
  • Before killing Gannon, Letecia drugged him with hydrocodone.
  • Gannon was stabbed 18 times, shot near the jaw, and dumped miles across Florida in a suitcase.

Letecia’s lawyer claimed her to be suffering from psychotic crack disease and mental illness. 

Her lawyer even had the audacity to link these events to Letecia being sexually abused in childhood.

For all her actions and crimes, Letecia was finally proven guilty and will be serving prison time for a long duration of 30 years without parole.

Al Stauch’s stand in this regard

It was from the collective efforts of Al and law enforcement agencies that Letecia was imprisoned. Al Stauch testified against his own wife for his 11-year-old son Gannon. After this, he also divorced Al Stauch and is living with his daughters Melisa and Laina.

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