Every day, more folks decide to enter the profession of data science because of its appeal and the promise of high earnings. Some people enter the sector with a technical background, while others do so out of curiosity; regardless of why you enter, your priority will almost certainly be to build a strong, reliable portfolio that will help you land the position you want.

Gathering projects that illustrate your talents, prove your expertise, and exhibit your ability to produce excellent data science projects is what constitutes a good data science portfolio. In fact, it is a foundation of a successful portfolio. Adding data science certifications to your resume unveils that you invested time, effort, and money to improve your abilities and become a better data scientist.

Fortunately, not all data scientist certifications require you to visit a testing center. In reality, you can get most of the desirable certifications from the comfort of your own home.

Let us now walk through some of the best data science certifications that you can earn to level up your likeliness of landing your dream job.

Best data science certifications

  • IBM Data Science Professional
  • Senior Data Scientist (SDSTM)
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist
  • Open Certified Data scientist
  • Dell EMC Data Science Certification

IBM Data Science Professional

This certification is provided by IBM, which takes you from complete data science novice to skilled data scientist, all while learning at your own speed. There are nine courses in total: Python, data science, open-source tools, machine learning, databases and SQL, data visualization, data science methodology, data analysis, and a final practical data science capstone. The certification education is completed online through Coursera on flexible hours and takes a minimum of three months to finish, but you can take as much or as little time as you choose. The package incorporates hands-on plans to help you construct a portfolio to show potential employers your data science skills.

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Senior Data Scientist (SDSTM)

SDSTM by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA), is the world’s powerful and best data science certification for professionally experienced big data analysts and professionals who want to demonstrate their data leadership potential and cutting-edge data science knowledge.

Candidates for the SDSTM must have a thorough understanding of the 4IR technology developments, as well as the interconnections of data science with other fields of computer science, engineering, business, and industry. They must have extensive experience architecting, implementing, and managing data management infrastructure/business intelligence systems in businesses.

SAS Certified Data Scientist

The SAS Certified Data Scientist certification is a mixture of SAS’s two existing data certifications. This course will teach you how to manage and improve data, program, transform, access, and manipulate data, and work with common data visualization tools. You can achieve your SAS Certified data scientist credential after earning both Advanced Analytics Professional and the Big Data Professional qualifications. Between the two credentials, you must complete all 18 courses and pass all five tests.

Open Certified Data Scientist

The Open Group Professional Certification program is an experience-based data scientist certification that does not require any formal training or exams. You will begin as a Certified Data Scientist at level one, then advance to level two to become a Master Certified Data Scientist, and lastly to level three to become a Distinguished Certified Data Scientist. A three-step process is required for certification, which involves applying for the certification, completing an experience application form, and orchestrating a board review.

Dell EMC Data Science Certification

This professional data science certification from Dell EMC enables you to apply advanced ML and AI analytics theories and methods to your core competencies. After you complete the certification, you will feel much more confident in an interview because you now have the credentials to address data vulnerabilities in any technology-focused firm, which, if not patched promptly, can ruin enter-level networks.

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If you happen to come across any data scientist and question them if they needed a degree or certification to get their job, the majority will tell you that they entered this field from a non-technical background with a desire to learn more.

You can be a data scientist by self-studying the concepts and creating real-life-sized projects or projects that can be easily applied to real-life data, however, having a certification will certainly help your portfolio stand out and attract recruiters’ attention.