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The coronavirus has been all over the news again lately. So, it is important for us to wash our hands and disinfect the surfaces that we touch most often. An iPhone or any phone is one of the dirtiest things in your pocket as it comes in contact with different surfaces all the time. So, FixitPro, the top-notch company for cell phone repair in Idaho, explains to us how to disinfect your iPhone according to Apple’s advisory during this time of coronavirus.

It’s no secret people are worried due to coronavirus, and the most common questions asked are

  • Should I be cleaning my phone?
  • Can phones be a carrier for germs?
  • How should I be cleaning my phone?
  • How do I disinfect my phone and get rid of any potential germs on my phone?

One should clean your phone from time to time. In fact, it will give you ease of mind, and you will feel better if you frequently clean your phone. After Covid-19, Apple has changed its information on what you can and cannot do to disinfect your iPhone and tablets.

People Coming For CellPhone Repair In Idaho Should Disinfect Their Phone

Cleaning the Phone Screen

In the past, solutions like iKlear were regularly recommended to clean the phone. Solutions containing isopropyl alcohol were not advised as they could damage the oleophobic coating, but recently Apple has updated its website stating that using isopropyl alcohol is permissible. It is also known as rubbing alcohol which is used to disinfect things. It disinfects by killing approximately 99% of the germs. According to Apple, one can also use Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes. Don’t use sanitizer gels to clean your phone. These are full of additional ingredients that are even worse. There is a preferred way to use isopropyl alcohol to avoid damaging the screen. 

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The first thing you need to do is get a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. Also, make sure that the device is unplugged. One should avoid excessive wiping, which means you don’t want to scrub the display. One should avoid doing so to try not to disrupt the oleophobic coating. With a screen protector on the phone, one will be less worried. Don’t use anything abrasive. Go around the phone with the soft clean cloth with a little bit of the liquid or lens wipes, disinfect the phone, and one should be good to go. Don’t use any sprays directly on the phone. Otherwise, the moisture can penetrate through the ports. Also, don’t use aerosol sprays, bleaches, hydrogen peroxide, or other abrasives to clean the phone.

Cleaning the SIM Ports

For cleaning the ports such as the earphones, bottom speakers, or microphones, one can use a Q-tip or a SIM Card remover pin. If using a Q-Tip, dip it into the isopropyl alcohol and clean up the ports as best as you can. If there is dirt, dust, or debris stuck inside those holes you cannot get out, you can use a sticky tape. It is preferable because it won’t leave any residue behind. The dirt will stick to it without damaging the ports by pressing them in the holes.

The lightning port can also be cleaned by a sticky date. If you go to an Apple store, 99% of the time, they clean with the SIM Card remover pin. It is advisable for untrained individuals not to do that; otherwise, they can disrupt the tiny metal pins in the charging port. One doesn’t need to force anything inside the port to disinfect the iPhone or tablet. Using a toothpick will be slightly less damaging. All one has to do is go in and across and take out some lint.

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Disinfecting the Phone Cover

Don’t forget to clean the case of the phone. The phone cover will be even grosser than the phone itself on the outside. It is not delicate glass, so one doesn’t have to worry much about it and clean it profusely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to repair the mobile battery?

A battery can be an expensive part of a mobile phone, and any damage can be very expensive to repair. Whether your battery is not performing well because it holds less charge, or if it is dead and not charging at all, your phone can quickly be working well by replacing it.

What is the most common phone repair?

Broken screens are the most common phone repair but are also easy for experts to fix. From screen replacement to broken button repair, smartphone repairs are available for almost any problem customers face.

What is the best way to enhance the battery life of mobile devices?

There are many ways to improve the battery life of mobile phones, including turning off the screen when not in use, reducing the screen’s brightness, turning off the keyboard sounds, restricting the apps with high battery usage, and turning on the battery optimization.

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