Modular Displays

Although they are lighter and more portable than custom displays, modular trade show exhibits combine the features, appearance, and feel of custom displays. Because of this, compared to a custom exhibit build, the costs associated with transportation, drayage, and storage are lower. Each modular exhibit can be used in a variety of ways and customized to fit particular needs at trade shows, including changing booth sizes, altering graphic layouts, adding meeting spaces, setting up demo stations, shelving products, adding video presentations, and adding storage.

Since there will be no two identical exhibits on the trade show floor, modular displays ensure that your business will stand out. Modular displays will satisfy the unique requirements of your business.

Types of modular displays

  • Pop-up Modular Displays

Among all the modular exhibits, pop-up systems are the most economical. These compact, lightweight solutions are simple to assemble and move. Just assemble the aluminum tubular frames (which are simple to assemble) and fasten the graphics. 

The dye-sublimation method used to create the reusable high-resolution pillowcase fabric graphics guarantees vibrant colors and maximum clarity that will not smudge in the washing. There are options for single- or double-sided graphics in addition to add-ons like counters, monitor mounts, and lighting.

  • Backlit Modular Displays

Think about using a backlit modular trade show booth to truly wow your customers. These modular booths draw attention with their eye-catching backlit graphics. The visuals are printed on a unique fabric that optimizes illumination and is backlit with LED lights, producing a stunning effect. An easy setup and portability are features of many backlit modular booths. 

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Specific modular exhibits with backlighting can be assembled manually without the need for any tools, utilizing sturdy aluminum extrusions. Additionally, these tool-free modular displays are packaged in a UPS-shippable case that doubles as a booth counter. There are also optional accessories available.

  • Portable Modular Displays

One easy and stress-free modular booth option is portable exhibits. These incredibly adaptable and reasonably priced modular exhibits are among the better choices. They are portable and light in weight. They can be shipped via UPS and arrive in a specially-made case. 

For your exhibit, many of these cases can also be turned into counters. The best part is that assembly is simple and requires no tools at all. Your presentation will stand out on the trade show floor thanks to the colorful graphics and sleek, contemporary design. 

Single- or double-sided dye-sublimation graphics are available. Additionally, they are also washable. You can further alter these modular exhibits with add-ons like shelves, tables, counters, lighting, and monitor mounts.