Salesforce is a US company recognized worldwide for its Sales Cloud CRM. Its volume of users is so comprehensive due to its functionalities that many wonder how to make a backup in Salesforce.

Making a backup is very important in a disaster recovery process. By carrying out this procedure periodically, you will generate a copy of important files or the entire databases and recover them in emergencies such as failures, cyber attacks, and any technical malfunction.

In the following guide, we will tell you everything about this program.

  • What is the Salesforce program?

First, you must know what this program is, okay. We know there are so many different types of software out there today, and it is hard to know which one to stick with and why. However, this cloud program is one of the best on the market.

This is a CRM and Cloud Computing software made for Social Enterprise from Salesforce. More specifically, it is the leader, number 1 within CRM-type solutions. Besides, although it is paid and has different plans. You can test run it free for 30 days so that users can discover the full potential of this tool to know whether to invest in it.

As for its characteristics, there are different modules that companies can use to get the most out of it. We refer to clouds as Salesforce Customer 360, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce Platform Cloud.

  • What is Salesforce used for?

A CRM consists of integrating the different tools a company needs to function in the same place. Through this cloud-based tool, companies and their corresponding departments have a unified view of all customers. Let us say that the entire business is integrated into one platform to have a global vision of everything and do everything from the same place.

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Its potential is so high that more and more freelancers and companies opt for this type of solution since it is an investment to grow and reach another level. It is a tool that helps you make better decisions and have more features, more information, and better management. It is beneficial. For this reason, the fact of trying it out and taking advantage of the 30-day trial period is fascinating.

  • Salesforce data backup – IT IS VERY CRUCIAL.

Being such a powerful and valuable tool for companies, it provides all the organization departments with a unified vision of the clients in the same integrated platform. We need to make backup copies periodically so as not to lose anything. If there is no data in your backup folder, there will be no use of the Salesforce data recovery process. It is essential because data loss could have fatal consequences for the business.

  • Do you need a third-party tool for Salesforce?

The unwritten rule for Salesforce users is ‘Backup your data. Salesforce has several integrated data backup options for customers. Therefore, you must have dedicated Salesforce data backup and recovery software.

Now your data is in your control. However, if you need a comprehensive approach, you must think of the best data backup and recovery program. We recommend you Flosum, one of the leading names in the Salesforce data backup, archive, recover, and reuse program.


  • How often do you backup in Salesforce?

The periodicity of the backups always depends on the same thing – the changes you make. In the case of large organizations in which many users manage data and make changes every day and every minute, backups must be daily. However, it can be weekly for small organizations that make few CRM change. It all depends on the needs of each business.

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  • Types of backups 

Backing up your Salesforce data is essential to measure. Backups can be broken down into two broad categories. Those that create a replica and archiving.


  • File replication

Replicating files is a straightforward way. There are tools on the market that automatically synchronize files between the primary location and the replica. Otherwise, it is the user himself who can do the copying manually.

This method requires a server or removable disks. In the past, tapes were used, but today this model has fallen into disuse. Indeed, it is a rapid method, even if it will not be possible to use the old versions of the duplicate files.

  • Archiving

This problem does not occur with the archiving method. Through this method, files are packaged and places in an archive. The software that deals with the generation of the library and its monitoring certainly has advantages, such as the possibility of tracing back to previous versions of the files. However, they come at a specific cost. And need to be restored in the event of losing the main files.

  • Backup restore test

However, backup jobs should be checked for duplication interruptions. It could happen when there is no longer enough storage space. Therefore, it is good to check that all backup processes are completing and intact. All backup software now offers the ability to perform recovery tests. These automated recurring tests verify that the backup files and folders are recoverable and usable.


The test results provide an overview of the timing for disaster recovery. The software uses screenshots to verify the successful rescue. These provide a record of what happened during the test and send reports to the user directly via email. It is a process that must be performing periodically. Very simple to start and convenient as it is entirely automate.

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In this short article, you have discovered the importance of Salesforce data backup. Salesforce backup is a fundamental process for the operation and security of a company. The importance of a backup is usually perceives when it is too late. When we have lost essential data. If you need a consultation to choose the best solution for your business, make sure to get in touch with the experts. They will guide you in the best possible way.