Shots are fired on Middle Tennessee State University campus


Shots are fired on Middle Tennessee State University campus

BREAKING: Two people are shot during high school graduation at Middle Tennessee State University as staff warn students to find cover

Police are investigating after two people were shot during a high school graduation at Middle Tennessee State University. 

Shots were fired at the university’s Murphy Center athletic facility Wednesday night where Riverdale High School held its commencement, police confirmed to WSMV.

Officials have encouraged students to evacuate as soon as possible. Those who cannot have been told to shelter in place.

It’s unclear at this time if anyone has been injured or if a suspect has been taken into custody. 

A social media user whose bio says he lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee – where MSTU is located – claims he heard five or six shots ring out.

‘Me and my family were on the other side of the tennis court we heard all 5 shots and the 6th one we heard it hit something metal,’ Max tweeted.

‘It was loud so it must have hit a pole or something. We were on the grass talking laughing and drinking cold drinks because it was hot.’

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Max claims his family ‘froze’ as frantic bystanders started fleeing the area.

‘We looked around and looked at the direction of it – we saw people running and we heard people screaming for help,’ he wrote. ‘I got my family out as quick as we can.’

Twitter user @a18217635, identified only as A, claims the shooting took place outside the Murphy center as people were leaving.

A claims their sister, who was reportedly 10 feet away from the incident, saw a group of boys. 

‘No other description of shooter,’ A penned. ‘No idea if they were arguing as it was noisy.’



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