President Biden helped his convict 31-year-old niece Caroline Biden land an interview for a job at Masimo Corporation, whose owner is one of his biggest donors, but she balked at the $85,000-a-year salary, records from Hunter Biden‘s laptop show. 

Caroline, the daughter of Joe Biden‘s brother Jim and his wife Sara, in 2017 pled guilty to buying more than $100,000 worth of makeup on a stolen credit card. 

She managed to get out of a grand larceny charge and the two-year prison sentence that carried, but was sentenced to two years’ probation, which she wanted to serve in Los Angeles to be near her cousin Hunter Biden. 

Hunter then applied for an apartment for her in Los Angeles under his own name – only messages and emails on the laptop revealing he wouldn’t be the one living there, according to correspondence on Hunter’s abandoned laptop first reported by the Free Beacon. 

Caroline Biden and Hunter Biden are pictured together

Caroline Biden and Hunter Biden are pictured together 

Another photo from Hunter Biden's laptop of the Biden family's self-proclaimed 'two crazies'

Another photo from Hunter Biden’s laptop of the Biden family’s self-proclaimed ‘two crazies’ 

As a term of transferring her probation from New York City to Los Angeles, Caroline had to accept a job. 

The property manager never accepted the application for the apartment, and Caroline never made it out to Los Angeles, as she bombed the interview for the job at Masimo, a medical technology company. 

Records show Jim Biden had asked Hunter to convince his cousin Caroline to accept a job, after a lifetime of only holding cushy jobs she had secured through her family name, according to the Free Beacon.   

Emails show the job she was interviewing for in July 2018 at Masimo promised $85,000 per year plus a guaranteed 10 percent bonus plus stock options. 

‘That’s below minimum wage in California after taxes,’ Caroline wrote in an email to her father. ‘I cannot take this job. I have never made this little money in my life.’

Caroline said she could not accept a job that would pay her ‘less than $180,000.’ 

She then appeared to ‘bomb’ the interview, get passed up for the job, but was offered an internship at the company as a favor to her uncle Joe. 

‘I didn’t get the job,’ Caroline texted her cousin Hunter. ‘I was given an intern job at 31 years old because of your dad asking him to give me something even though I bombed it.’

By July 28, Caroline texted Hunter that his father Joe was ‘done’ with her. 

‘Your dad told me he was done with me yesterday,’ she said, adding her dad wouldn’t let her go out to California to see Hunter without a place to stay. 

After taking over the presidency Biden put the founder of Masimo, Joe Kiani, on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Kiani’s company has received almost $3 million in federal government contracts since Biden took office. 

In 2017 the Masimo Foundation donated at least $1 million to the Biden foundation and Kiani and his wife donated $500,000 to the Biden foundation personally. 

Kiani bundled more than $1 million in campaign donations, gave $750,000 of his own money to a pro-Biden super PAC and his foundation gave another $1 million to Biden’s inaugural committee.  

Caroline said she could not accept a job that would pay her 'less than $180,000'

Caroline said she could not accept a job that would pay her ‘less than $180,000’

Caroline pictured walking into court after she stole $110,810 in a credit card scam

Caroline pictured walking into court after she stole $110,810 in a credit card scam 

Caroline would not accept an $85,000-a-year job, even though she was on probation for stealing over $100,000

Caroline would not accept an $85,000-a-year job, even though she was on probation for stealing over $100,000

Text exchanges between Hunter and Caroline reveal how they knew themselves to be the ‘two crazies’ of the Biden family. 

‘Your dad thinks you’re a good influence which you are,’ Caroline wrote to Hunter, then in the throes of drug addiction. ‘The majority of my family thinks I’m nuts and untalktoable,’ she wrote in another message. 

In other messages, she complained ‘our family’s sick’ and said she had ‘no relationship with my nuclear family.’  She insisted she had to do ‘everything on my f***ing own.’ 

Caroline’s father Jim also reached out to Hunter for help with his daughter. ‘I need help with Caroline, she is off the rails,’ he told Hunter in a July 13, 2018 text message. 

After the job and apartment fell through, Caroline texted her cousin: ‘I’m a LOSER. THERE IS NO PLAN.’ 

‘Please stop Caroline you promised you wouldn’t do exactly what youre [sic] doing. So stop take your f***ing meds stop going tisane [sic] at 2Am and live [sic] everyone aloe [sic] until you get back here to torture me. And dont stress about the job s***head. You are crazy im crazy and two crazies make …. double the cray I guess,’ Hunter replied. 

‘It’ll be fun we may just blow up a house and rob banks together,’ he added. 

‘Lets start with Hallies car. She’s truly killing me–‘ Hunter said, referencing his sister-in-law and ex-lover. 

In 2020, Caroline was arrested for driving under the influence in Pennsylvania, where she grew up. She managed to avoid serving time after negotiating a plea bargain.  

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