Tradie divides opinion with petty Bunnings stunt aimed at ‘paint brush shoppers’ and ‘cafe dwellers’ – so whose side are you on?

  • Tradie pulls double-parking stunt at Bunnings
  • He reacted to public use of undercover parks
  • His actions divided opinion on social media

A tradie has divided opinion by hitting back at the ‘cafe dwellers’ and ‘paint brush shoppers’ who use Bunnings’ indoor parking.

The unnamed tradie double-parked his gold ute next to the front vehicle in a line of cars at Artarmon Bunnings, blocking them all in. 

His motivation was aimed at customers he believes wrongly use the ‘trades-only’ parking section.

‘This one’s for every trades that’s been held up during the week at Bunnings by people that use the trade entry as easy access, taking their sweet time and looking through the nursery,’ he wrote in the Tradie Mayhem Facebook group.

He included photos of the affected cars too.

His motivation was aimed at customers he believes wrongly use the 'trades-only' parking section

His motivation was aimed at customers he believes wrongly use the ‘trades-only’ parking section


Do you approve of the tradie’s stunt at Bunnings?

‘I double parked blocking them all in at Artarmon bunnings last Sunday [then I was] listening to the calls over the speaker for [my] ute to be moved and well, that just made me take my time and let them know that’s how we feel during the week when we’re trying to get work done and are held up by them.’

The mischievous man also claimed the tradie parked in front of the trapped cars – who could have unblocked them by driving off – joined in his protest.

‘Big thanks to the builder in the black ute – he saw what I did and just sat in his Ute keeping the mayhem boiling along enjoying every minute’.

Plenty of tradies agreed with his actions, with several posting, ‘Not all heroes wear capes’.

‘I couldn’t load my work ute with form ply, cheers paint brush shoppers,’ said one man who posted a photo of sedans and SUVs parked at Bunnings Lake Haven on the NSW Central Coast.

Another said ‘Love this, trade yard always packed with cafe dwellers.’ 

‘So f***ing annoying, there was a lady parked once in her fancy SUV in the trades drive-through to keep her dog in the shade!’ another wrote.

But the tradie’s actions were not universally approved on social media.

‘Let me understand this properly,’ one man replied.

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‘They park there and waste time, so you park them in and hold everyone up wasting multiple people’s time? Sounds like you’re the problem.’

One also pointed out that the indoor parking is actually for any customer – not just tradies – loading bulky goods such as timber or anything that can’t go through the checkout.


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