Ryan Harman essay on mother that shook reader to the core

Ryan Harman’s essay has left readers sobbing after a teenager shared an emotional essay on her TikTok account. On any given day, many things go viral on the internet for some or other reason most famous genres include dance, lip sync trends, or prank videos but this time it is an emotional essay that was shared by a teenager Ryan Harman on her mother left teachers as well as the Tik Tok users crying after reading her heart-wrenching story. The step to share it on social media platforms was taken by Ryan Harman after submitting it. Soon after the upload the video grabbed more than a million views within 2 days the video has been shared more than 40,000 times and has 14 million views on the TikTok platform. The video is also available on YouTube and posted by anonymous users.

The people who saw the video shared by Ryan Harman gave their heart out support to the teenager who had recently lost her mother due to a life-threatening disease. Little did Ryan know that she would be getting an overwhelming response from her viewers. Still, all the support cannot compensate for her loss but still, an attempt was made by the viewers and readers to appreciate her bold steps and try to cope with her sorrows through positive comments. The essay is easily accessible in text format on the internet while the TikTok version has screenshots of the essay but it is the context of the essay that has grabbed the attention. The loss of her mother has not only shaken her family but has impacted others too. It is definitely not an ideal condition that a teenager like Ryan Harman had dreamt of while growing up. 

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Ryan Harman’s background and other family members:

Ryan Harman had a caring mother which she lost in May 2022. Apart from that she has a father and two other siblings and one of them is Madeleine while the name of the father and other sibling is unknown. She has recently graduated from high school and is pursuing higher studies at West Virginia University. 

What is Ryan Harman’s essay about?

From the above information so far, you must have come across some background about Ryan Harman’s essay about her mother that went viral. It is a three-page emotional essay that would even melt a cold-hearted individual. The essay begins with “It was May 2022”.  The ill-fated date was soon to arrive when Ryan lost her mother at the time when her life was at its peak. She was enjoying her final moments with her high school graduating class at a beach and was soon to set foot in college when the news about the demise of her mother arrived. It was in January 2021 when her mother was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called “Sarcoma Cancer”, due to which her mother was subjected to various medications and chemotherapy. But the disease overpowered her day by day and her days with the family were limited. 

Despite all the physical challenges, Ryan describes her mother as a strong, caring, loving, and resilient one who never asked the doctors about her remaining time. Every day she started to live her life to the fullest and spend maximum time with her children and husband. She also adds that her mother’s only goals were to see Ryan and Madeleine graduating which she had already accomplished while she was alive. 

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It was 26 May 2022, when Ryan walked onto the stage on graduation day, while her mother was immensely proud of her daughter’s achievement while she looked at her from the audience sitting in a wheelchair. Even Ryan herself describes these moments to be overwhelming and special. Later she received a text from her mother stating “I love you so much and am so proud of you”. These words were truly inspiring for Ryan and she nearly felt like winning the Superbowl. She also appreciates her mother’s conviction to come to encourage her child on graduation day despite ailing medical conditions. That very night the family had dinner together but her mother was unable to attend due to exhaustion. 

On the last page, she describes her plan to visit a beach trip with her friends for over a week’s time. She had been constantly texting her mother all week long while she was away from home and also face-timing her at the same time giving inputs about her trip activities with her friends. But little did she know, the ill-fated date was on Friday when Ryan did not get replies to her text, and her face-time calls remained unanswered multiple times. Ryan felt worried and anxious about her mother and was in a dilemma to verify with her dad to see if she was okay. But she chose to let it go and continue to enjoy it with her friends for the last night at the beach. 

It was after this essay, which she uploaded on her TikTok soon went viral with a heavy downpour of support from her well-wishers, teachers, readers, and viewers. It melted everyone’s heart and even left many crying while reading. 

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Some FAQs regarding Ryan Harman’s essay:

a). Why did Ryan Harman write the essay?

The essay was written by Ryan Harman for her English class assignment at her University. Ryan who is currently a student of West Virginia University wrote it after she lost her mother due to bone cancer in 2022. The lengthy text was shared from her own personal TikTok account after she submitted her essay to her English Professor whose reaction was also similar to the other people on the internet. Even her English professor and other faculty members could not hold back her tears after reading a heart-wrenching essay written by her student. While sharing the essay Ryan Harman had no intention of making it viral.

b). Is Ryan Harman’s mother still alive?

Unfortunately, Ryan lost her mother in 2022 because she was suffering from sarcoma disease which impacts bone and other tissues. Her mother was diagnosed with the disease in 2021 but even after timely medications and treatment, the doctors were unable to reverse her condition to normal. 

c). How did Ryan Harman’s mother die?

Ryan Harman’s mother was suffering from a life-threatening disease called “Sarcoma Cancer” which adversely affects bones and tissues adjoining them.

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