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With its global reach, Netflix has become a conduit for bringing this Mitchelle case to the forefront for all the chilling details of the murder. This documentary is a chilling story of Mitchelle Blair, a woman from Michigan who killed two of her children and kept their bodies in a freezer. Mitchelle Blair documentary Netflix delves into the details of the case and provides a deeper understanding of many unfolded events. The story shook the world in 2015. Stoni Blair was 13 years old and Stephen Berry was 9 years old and both were Mitchelle Blair’s two kids and she killed them.

Then the forensic investigation reveal the mysterious surroundings of the murder as the autopsy was being performed. Both of the kids were found in a deep freezer when an eviction notice was delivered to Mitchelle’s home. Immediately she was taken into custody by the police in connection with the deaths. The police department also accused Mitchelle of numerous counts of child abuse. The lady is currently serving her sentence at the Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Michigan after a conviction of first-degree murder.

Let us dive into the details of this interesting yet puzzling story from the beginning:

Who was Mitchelle Blair and what does she do?

Mitchelle Blair is a Detroit woman who gained infamy for committing a dreadful crime against her two children. Born in a modest region her upbringing was average and she was raised in an environment of dysfunction she also experienced a lack of physique nurturing and mental stability. Neglecting all these concerns and poverty of house she anyhow, finds her place in this world. To the outside world, she was cover-up with normalcy and has managed to lock her darkness of life beneath her normal life. She was living in a modest suburban home with her four children.

In 2015, her charges came to light which shocked the community and garnered significant media attention as well. Blair was found guilty of murder and child assault case and she was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2015. This tragic case has highlighted the importance of child welfare and the need for early intervention and support for exposed children.

How Did The Whole Incident Come To Light?

Mitchelle was managing to live with her kids but she was unable to pay her apartment’s rent. Blair was asked to vacate her apartment for this issue. She was also not able to keep a stable job so she asked her relatives for money. She had to pay $2,206 to the apartment complex as rent. The court sent an eviction notice and when she left, the 36th District Court crew went inside the apartment to remove her things from the apartment. While clearing the house, they found two dead bodies in a deep freezer wrapped in plastic bags.

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Mitchelle Blair’s documentary Netflix is revealing everything about the case. Let us read what happens when the court found two dead bodies in the freezer.

What Did The Investigation Against Blair State About This Murder?

When the crew of the 36th district court cleared Blair’s apartment after an eviction notice of not paying rent, they found two dead bodies inside the freezer wrapped in plastic bags. Then after the investigation starts regarding these two bodies and it states that Stoni Blair got injuries from blunt force trauma that caused her death. The extent of the abuse suffered by the surviving children also came to light during the investigation. The surviving siblings provided testimony about the years of torture and abuse they endured at the hands of their mother.

Plus, the autopsy of the dead bodies that was conducted by Ryan Bridges, who is a spokesman for the medical examiner, did not pinpoint the precise moment of their demise. However, the burns on Stephen’s body, revealed that he had also suffered with some thermal injuries in addition to blunt force trauma. Bridges suspended any extra information about the precise nature of these injuries on these two dead bodies. With the autopsy, it was found that Stoni Blair was killed in May 2013 while Stephen Gauge Berry was murdered in August 2012.

According to Mitchelle Blair documentary Netflix and the record presented in the court, Mitchelle Blair suffocated Stoni Blair with a plastic bag and then choked her with a black t-shirt. For her further crime, she forced her eldest daughter to assist to put the dead body of Stoni Ann in the freezer.

What Was Mitchelle Blair’s Confession Accusing The Murder Of Her Two Kids?

On being questioned about this terrible crime, Mitchelle Blair replied that her children were turning into “demons” so she decided to kill them. She told the police that she killed her children because they were sexually molesting her youngest son.

Why she killed his son Stephen Berry?

According to the Further, she reported that in August 2012, when she returned home, she found her youngest son Matthew, sexually stimulating himself using his doll. When she asked him about this activity, then he innocently replied that his older brother, Stephen, used to abuse him sexually. This filled Blair with anger and she deal with her older son Stephen. She questioned him if he tried to molest Matthew, and he admitted. Then Mitchelle started to kick him, punch him and put a bag over his head several times. He started losing consciousness and then Mitchelle throttled him to death. She tortured Stephen a lot and even poured hot water on his private part to make her torture worse and also let his private organ skin peel off. Then after all such tortures, she killed him and put his dead body in the freezer.

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What was the reason to kill her daughter Stoni Ann Blair?

In addition to Mitchelle Blair’s documentary after nine months of Stephen’s murder, Mitchelle Blair found that her daughter Stoni was also sexually molesting and raping his youngest son Matthew. Then, she starved and beat her to death in May 2013. She admitted these two murders and also claimed that she wanted to turn herself arrested, but Matthew was not ready to live without his mother. That is why, she simply stuffed Stoni’s body over Stephen’s body inside the deep freezer.

What was her statement to the court and what were the charges against Mitchelle?

When Mitchelle was arrested and she was in court, she told that to protect her son from being a sexual victim she’d do it again if she had to. She added in her statement that she does not what anybody thinks of her nature and her deeds, she had to go. She said when I tortured Stephen for his deeds then I know exactly what he was feeling. As it was the same feeling I am feeling now and I knew how I used to feel about the crime she committed.

For all of her accusations, she was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2015. Now, as per the reports, she is serving her sentence at the Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Pittsfield Township, Michigan for the murder she conducted.


Mitchelle Blair documentary Netflix

Mitchelle Blair’s full story of his murder and his victim’s son is broadcast as a documentary in Investigation Discovery’s true-crime series with the name “Evil Lives Here” in an episode titled I made it out Alive and it was aired on January 29, 2023.

Is Mitchelle Doing More Crimes In Prison?

As per her reports presented in the court, Mitchelle Blair had mounted up to around 28 misconducts in her sentence from 2015 to March 2017. She was accused of physical attack and spitting on prisoners in the sentence, throwing urine on the faces of correction officers using cans, and she is even hitting police personnel. Because of her this bad conduct in prison, Mitchelle was sentenced to an extra 38 months to five years.

Final Words Of Mitchelle Blair Documentary Netflix!!

After pondering on all the basis and reasons for the murder of two kids by their mother Mitchelle Blair it appears that there are indeed documentaries and true-crime series that discuss Mitchelle Blair’s case and the crimes she committed. If you are interested in learning more about the Mitchelle Blair case and the documentaries surrounding it, you can also click on the link:

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We have mentioned the complete and true information about the case that we have collected from web sources. Netflix is broadcasting such documentaries with their compelling narratives to captivate audiences. This Mitchelle Blair case of her children’s murder is a stark reminder of horrors within a suburban ordinary facade.  Though, this documentary is not yet premiered on this online streaming platform as per the rumours Mitchelle Blair’s documentary will be soon on Netflix.  Till then it is accessible on Investigation Discovery streaming platform. These documentaries may provide a more comprehensive understanding of the case and include any last statements or closing remarks from Mitchelle Blair herself.

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Frequently Asked Questions!!

1. What is Mitchelle Blair’s case?

It is a first-degree murder case by a mother of her two kids 13 and 9 years old. She claimed that she killed them because they were sexually harassing her youngest child at home. She was confined to a sentence for her deeds and now she is behind bars.

2. How old is Mitchelle Blair now?

Mitchelle is 35 years old woman from Detroit, Michigan. She gained national attention due to her involvement in a shocking and horrifying murder case.

3. What crimes did Mitchelle Blair commit?

Mitchelle Blair killed two of her children and stored their dead bodies in a freezer. Plus, she subjected her surviving children to physical and emotional abuse for an extended period.

4. What happened after Mitchelle Blair’s arrest?

After her arrest, Mitchelle Blair faced legal proceedings and was charged with numerous counts, including murder, torture and child abuse. The case got media coverage in 2015 and the crime details shocked the nation.

5. What were the legal outcomes of Mitchelle Blair’s case?

It was found under investigation that Mitchelle killed her two kids because they were sexually molesting her youngest kid. She tortured them for a few months before killing them.

6. Are there any documentaries about the Mitchelle Blair case?

Yes, there are true-crime series and documentaries regarding the case of Mitchelle Blair. These documentaries may provide further details about the crimes and the legal proceedings of the case.

7. Where can I watch the Mitchelle Blair documentary?

You can watch this documentary on the Discovery streaming platform and the rumour is that Netflix’s online streaming platform is going to premier Mitchelle Blair’s documentary soon on its platform.

8. Where are Mitchelle Blair’s living two children?

Mitchelle was a mother of 4 kids, she murdered two of her kids. And the prosecutors immediately placed her living children, in protective care. It is still not revealed why the court decided to grant Blair custody of her other two children after the terrible events.