Mum furious after her son opened up the spooky Halloween decoration she ordered to find an inflatable sex doll : ‘I want a public apology’

  • A shopper ordered a spooky ‘fake corpse in a bag’ Halloween decoration online
  • However, when it arrived her young son opened it to find an inflatable sex doll
  • The order was supposed to come with a plain blow-up mannequin with no face
  • Instead the clearly-female mannequin had a face, breasts and even openings
  • The mum said the doll prompted some awkward questions from her son 

A mum was shocked when she opened the order for Halloween decorations she purchased for her young son to discover she had been sent a blow-up sex doll. 

The shopper purchased a ‘scary fake corpse in a bag’ so her husband and 10-year-old son to decorate their yard with on the weekend but had to answer some awkward questions when the child found the adult toy in the package. 

She shared the mix-up and her tense exchange with the Amazon seller in a post to a popular page, leaving hundreds in hysterics. 

The decoration was meant to come in four pieces: a black plastic bag, silver tape, string, and an inflatable person-shaped mannequin with no features and straight limbs. 

However, instead of the generic doll, the family received an anatomically-correct female doll with bent arms, a face, and breasts. 

When users asked if her son would even know what the inflatable woman was used for, the mum said he didn’t but the delivery had prompted some uncomfortable questions.  

The decoration was meant to come with an inflatable mannequin with no features but instead they received a female doll with bent arms, a face, breasts and even holes in the nether regions

The decoration was meant to come with an inflatable mannequin with no features but instead they received a female doll with bent arms, a face, breasts and even holes in the nether regions

‘It was more the fact, he noticed the holes in the back/front of the product and started asking questions… the face was easily explained but when there’s holes in intimate areas, that was a little harder to explain!,’ she said.  

‘I ordered a Halloween decoration, not a SEX DOLL! That is the point.’ 

She contacted the seller about the raunchy decoration who said the product was exactly as promised but offered a refund. 

‘We always strive to provide customers with good and cheap goods, we are very sorry that our products do not meet your expect(ed) requirements,’ they wrote. 

‘We just sent exactly what you ordered, perhaps not as perfect as what you expected. The quality is equal to its price and we really checked it well.’ 

They offered a 40 per cent discount off her next ordered as well as a full refund saying the customer does not need to return the product and can ‘keep it as a gift’ but she was not satisfied. 

‘The money is not the point, you sent me a SEX DOLL and my 10-year-old opened it! I believe that a full refund is in order at the VERY least. I really want a public apology,’ the disgruntled shopper demanded. 


Who is in the wrong?

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The seller assured the mum a refund has been issued, apologised for the ‘inconvenience’ and sad if she wished to ‘do business’ again she can liaise directly with them but it still wasn’t enough. 

‘I have not received ANY refund and I DO NOT understand why you would send something adult rated as a Halloween decoration,’ the buyer said adding three angry face emojis. 

Many were able to see the amusing side of the misunderstanding and offered their advice to make the X-rated decoration family friendly. 

‘It didn’t really need a face did it,’ one woman joked.    

‘Oh my good lord LMAO. I’m crying and my gut hurts from laughing so hard,’ another laughed. 

‘Tape the arms down and the legs together and wrap in the bin bag and you’re good to go. I don’t understand what there is to explain to a 10 year old… I’d just say it’s a creepy doll and once wrapped up probably wouldn’t even think about it,’ one mum suggested. 

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