Love Island fans are left in stitches as Martin watches Shaq learn what Tanya got up to in Casa Amor


‘He’s loving this’: Love Island fans are left in hysterics as Martin watches on while Shaq learns what Tanya REALLY got up to in Casa Amor during Movie Night

Wednesday evening’s episode of Love Island saw the return of the infamous Movie Night – and it didn’t disappoint.

Fans were left in stitches at Martin Akinola’s reaction to his time with Tanya Manhenga in Casa Amor being shown on the big screen.

The pair struck up a romance during the show’s ultimate test, before she returned to the main villa and patched things up with partner Shaq Muhammad.

But as the latter saw first-hand what really went on between Tanya and Martin when he wasn’t around, viewers couldn’t help but notice how much Martin enjoyed the showdown. 

Snacking on popcorn with a cheeky smile on his face, he appeared all but delighted to see things kick off – as Shaq and Tanya hit out at one another over the clips.  

The boys and girls were seperated into two tables for the evening, as they were given pub quiz questions to answer – with the team who answered correctly getting to choose a moment from the villa to watch back.

As the villa were asked how many times a person has sex in their life, on average, the boys went for the closest answer.

They chose to watch a movie named: ‘Catch me if you Tan,’ which showed clips of Tanya talking behind Shaq’s back in the main villa, before showing her chatting with Martin in Casa Amor.

Even showing the pair as they shared a steamy kiss in bed, the clip left Tanya with her head in her hands as Shaq began to see red.

But while others began to fret, Martin appeared to remain unfazed – watching on with a smirk as the drama brewed.

The latter was furious after Tanya had previously claimed she and Martin only shared a ‘quick kiss’, despite the clip showing a very passionate lock of lips in bed.

After watching, Shaq shouted over to Tanya: ‘So it was just a peck yeah? He went in to kiss you? Is that what we’re doing, we’re lying now?’

‘We kissed, I didn’t say it was just a peck,’ argued Tanya, as her partner confirmed: ‘You said that Martin kissed you and it was just a little one’.

Tanya explained: ‘No, Martin did kiss me but I didn’t say it was just a peck, I said it was a quick kiss.’

‘Why am i not hearing about this before?,’ questioned Shaq, as Tanya claimed: ‘Babe, it was exactly what I said.’

‘If you’re looking for something to be angry about, honestly, this is not it. I’m going to give you time to think about what you just saw,’ she continued.

But still unimpressed, Shaq replied: ‘I know exactly what I just saw, I knew you was looking nervous for a reason’.

During the argument, the camera panned back and forth between the couple – before showing Martin’s reaction – who snacked on his popcorn while appearing to enjoy the couple’s demise.

He was rightly unbothered and glad to see the clips resurfacing, after branding Tanya a ‘liar’ for her behaviour with him in Casa Amor.


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