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The First time DeVonta Smith’s picture emerged on social media platforms, all were curious to find out who the new girl was alongside DeVonta Smith. It is not a new thing for NFL celebrities to be seen alongside any girl. Previously also, many have flaunted their girlfriends and brought them to events NFL, and other ceremonies.

Most of the players choose girlfriends, especially from the entertainment industry and the same is what the fans have expected from DeVonta Smith but the story here is something else. DeVonta Smith’s girlfriend’s details are not available on any of the given platforms so it becomes necessary to find out who the new girl is. In this vlog, we will provide you a comprehensive information about DeVonta’s career, personal life, wife, girlfriends, and other details

Who is DeVonta Smith?

Who is DeVonta Smith?
Who is DeVonta Smith?
  • Born on 14th November 1998, Devonta Smith is one of the emerging American Football players and currently, he is playing for the Philadelphia Eagles as a wide receiver in the NFL league. He was born in the small town of Amite City, Louisiana. He completed his higher schooling at Amite High Magnet School. From the school itself, DeVonta was skilled at two games which include Basketball and Football. After graduating from High school he was offered a scholarship at the University of Alabama to play in their professional team. He accepted their offer and rose to become one of the best players in the country. 
  • While he was playing for the Alabama team, he smashed a record of 1800 yards with 23 touchdowns as a senior player. For this achievement, he received the Heisman Trophy. Those days he also received two time National championship awards at Alabama before being selected by the Philadelphia Eagles. He has been playing the team from the year 2021 and has contributed in many wins secured by the team.

DeVonta Smith’s career and net worth:

DeVonta Smith's career
DeVonta Smith’s career
  • DeVonta is one of the prized possessions of the Philadelphia Eagles. Initially DeVonta Simth was a rookie on the team but after he scaled his level, he became an asset for his team. In his career, he has not only given a tough time to the opponents but also trashed them with great margins. 
  • A player who first doubted for short measures became one of the favorites. He Since it was his first contract with a professional team he was given moderate compensation to kickstart his career. He was provided a joining bonus of $ 21 Million dollars along with a fee of $700k per month. 
  • His income from other sources includes brand endorsements from various brands like Nike, Bloomberg, and others. He also has made sound investments in commercial and residential properties all over the coast. He has two apartments in Los Angeles and 3 apartments in Louisiana. 
  • As of today, DeVonta Smith has a net worth of $ 30 million and above. His four-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles is nearing the end and it will be noteworthy to see if the management is able to retain DeVonta or if another team will grab the opportunity. 

DeVonta Smith measurements:

DeVonta Smith is an American NFL player having African roots. He is 6 foot tall and weighs 170 lbs. He follows a strict diet to keep himself fit for the position he plays. He has a chiseled body and prefers to keep short hair. 

DeVonta Smith’s girlfriend Mariah Abraham, kids and personal life:

  • Until now little was known about the personal life of the NFL player DeVonta Smith but now the viewers are in possession of some exclusive pictures and videos where DeVonta Smith is seen with a girl holding a baby in her hands. In the post the couple are seen posing for the video as well as pictures. In one of the videos, Mariah Abraham is seen rotating a child in a fun manner which has raised many questions about how all this went undetected from the public and how they managed to hide from the media for so long. Another question is also about the girl Mariah Abraham and her whereabouts.
  • Some fans have also dug deeper and found an old picture of the player DeVonta Smith and Mariah Abraham kissing post-celebration. But there is no concrete evidence to prove that both are actually dating and even DeVonta is the biological father of the child seen along with Mariah Abraham because DeVonta Smith as well as Mariah prefer a seclusion from the limelight. DeVonta was also confronted by many journalists but he seemed to have dogged the questions smartly.

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