Lana Rhoades' child

Are you curious to know who is Lana Rhoades’ child and who is the Father of the child? Then here you will get comprehensive coverage about Lana Rhoades’s personal life, professional life, children, net worth, and other hot topics of the discussion. It is not uncommon for a celebrity to become a mother. Some are either biological or some adopt children and foster them for life. Lana Rhoades’s child controversy is a bit different. This is mainly due to her professional background and her claims regarding the child’s father. She has put many of the NBA stars to trial. To get all the details let us know who Lana Rhoades and what is her profession/

Lana Rhoades’s early life and professional background:

Lana Rhoades's early life
Lana Rhoades’s early life
  • Born on 28 December 1995, Lana Rhoades is an American citizen who was born in the suburbs of Chicago town. Professionally, Lana Rhoades is an American model, podcaster, social media presenter, and actress in the pornographic industry. Her early life was tough and was raised by a single mother. She did attend public school but soon dropped out to pursue her career in the glamour industry. She first ventured out at the age of 14. She dreamt of being a model in The Girls Next Door in resemblance to Anna Nicole Smith, a former model. 
  • When she was 19, she entered the adult film industry but left it after two years or so. The main reason for leaving the industry was the exploitation and abuse she had to go through in the porn industry which she revealed in an interview. The following year she was also cancelled by the LA Direct Models.
  • Her videos are even popular today, in the year 2019, she became one of the most searched actresses on the Pornhub platform having gained more than 350 million views. The next year in 2020, she was hired by another adult industry giant, Brazzers as their marketing consultant. Ellen von Unwerth, a German professional photographer, directed her for the cover of “Playboy” magazine. 
  • Lana Rhoades’s true accumulation of wealth happened in the year 2021, when she promoted PAWGcoin – a type of cryptocurrency. The following year she also developed an NFT project after which she was able to transfer 500+ Ethereum to real currency. 
  • Lana Rhoades is also a fashion designer and has designed a line of lingerie products in collaboration with Yanda. As a podcaster, she also hosts 3 Girls 1 Kitchen.  
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Lana Rhoades’s net worth: 

Lana Rhoades is actively working now after she was able to generate a sound income from her cryptocurrency and NFT investments. She further invested that money in the production of a podcast channel, growing her market value which landed her some recognition and roles in the glamour industry. So far, she has appeared in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazine. She also receives a fair amount of income from the royalty she earns from her videos on various pornographic platforms. She was not ancestrally rich but still has a net worth of $2 million which is expected to grow in the upcoming years.

Lana Rhoades’s boyfriend and personal life:

Lana Rhoades's boyfriend

Time and again, her name has been associated with many players and people from the entertainment industry. Her first relationship was with Youtuber Mike Majlak. They both met in 2020 but soon broke up after one year. There were also rumors of Logan Paul and Lana dating and when Mike and Lana parted ways the indication became more proven but none of them ever came forward and accepted publicly. Her next relationship was with Kevin Durant. She has made such claims which point all the fingers towards Kevin Durant.

Who is Lana Rhoades’s child’s father?

Lana Rhoades's child's father

  • Lana Rhoades has been vocal about the child. Her child’s name is Milo which she conveyed to the fans via social media platforms. It was in June 2021, when the model expressed her news to the fans via Instagram. Fans were curious to know the father’s name but she has kept it a secret but has hinted some cryptic messages for others to decode. 
  • All allegations were made towards Mike Majlak, who is a YouTuber but he claims his zero involvement in this case and has even been challenged for a paternity test. The second speculation was on Kevin Durant since fans have seen her video on TikTok that was captioned “Never Date NBA player”. Later in her post she also claimed that the baby’s father is Libra which made the case clearer for the fans. However, Logan Paul is kept away from all these controversies since nothing about them was ever available on the public domain.
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