Teresa Fidalgo

Teresa Fidalgo was a fictional Portuguese woman who was reckoned to be killed in a car accident in the 1980s. 

And it has been convinced that her spirit or ghosts are tormenting social media ever since. 

Her story of ‘How did Teresa Fidalgo die’  has been dispersed on the internet multiple times and many people have got underway believing it to be real. 

In this report, we will try to analyze the genuine narrative of Teresa Fidalgo and determine whether the tale of “How did Teresa Fidalgo die” is true or fake. And discuss the outcomes of spreading a rumor on the internet. 

Story of Teresa Fidalgo 

Everyone on social media must have come across Teresa Fidalgo’s videos or pictures and would be wondering if that video or picture along with the message, is true or falsified. 

A video is going viral showcasing the car accident of Teresa Fidalgo and How did Teresa Fidalgo die?  

The footage of the video illustrates that a group of three friends is driving in a car by the mountains discussing ghost stories and they decided to give a conveyance to a perplexing woman standing on the roadside named Teresa Fidalgo in their car. 

Teresa Fidalgo was calm and initiated to point to a location on the road where she had died due to a car accident. 

The friends panicked and hit the car with a tree. 

When the camera concentrates on Teresa Fidalgo again her face looks like it is covered with blood and she was screaming. 

Afterward, Teresa Fidalgo is rumored to transmit messages to the populace on different social media portrayals like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, or emails. 

Author of Teresa Fudalgo’s story 

Teresa Fidalgo is considered to be a fictional character in a Portuguese flick whose author is Portuguese content creator David Rebordao. 

According to the narratives, Teresa Fidalgo is presumed to have died in a car accident in 1983 in Sentra, Portugal. 

According to David Rebordao, he had gone on a journey with his friends to explore a few sites for scenes in his upcoming short movie ‘A Curva’  

On the way, they saw a mysterious woman wearing a white dress based on whom he intertwined a story. 

The director said to channel TVI that after his story’s popularity and longevity, he is surprised that people still believe in the fake story of How did Teresa Fidalgo die

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The Incident happened with Teresa Fidalgo

The incident is presumed to take place in early 1983 in  Santra, Portugal where a young lady Teresa Fidalgo passed away due to a car accident. 

After 20 years of her demise, a video went viral on social media on July 12, 2003, showcasing the footage of How did Teresa Fidalgo die? 

The video shows that one night a group of three friends was driving a car while gossiping about ghosts and spirits when they caught a glimpse of a mysterious woman on the roadside. 

They brought her in the car for the trip along with them. Her name was Teresa Fidalgo

Teresa Fidalgo was relatively silent during the trip but after some time she started pointing to some locations on the roadway and told her new friends that she died at that location due to a car accident that terrified all three of them. 

The driver panicked and hit a tree and Teresa Fidalgo cried out and her face got covered with blood. 

The two riders, a man and a woman, were presumed to die but the third one known as David, the writer of the story, survived; but he was never able to elucidate what occurred that night. 

Teresa Fidalgo’s corpse was never found and the story of how Teresa Fidalgo died was supposed to be fake. 

The Truth of Teresa Fidalgo’s Story 

Teresa Fidalgo’s chilling tale is tormenting social media users around the world.

The story claims that Teresa Fidalgo was a young woman who died in a car accident and the accident video is tormenting social media users as a ghost. 

Teresa Fidalgo has been persuaded to be emerging in photos or videos shared online by users.

It’s rumored that if anyone doesn’t share her story then she will haunt them infinitely. 

People are passing on Teresa Fidalgo‘s story on social media to frighten others. 

The most typical tale is a photo or video of Teresa Fidalgo with a statement that is something like this: 

“I am Teresa Fidalgo and if you don’t post this to 20 others with photos I will sleep with you forever.”

In some cases and other Posts, some statements like this are stated: 

“A girl ignored and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search for me on Google.”

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These statements are like a ghost story but had frightened many people around the world and people had turned on believing the story of ‘How did Teresa Fidalgo die’

It has been convinced that this video is a short clip from an entirely scripted movie and is well choreographed to be flawless by its writers. 

The Popularity of the Story ‘How Did Teresa Fidalgo Die?’

The story of Teresa Fidalgo’s death and her car accident has been passed on a million times by users on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Emails.

It is mainly shared as a chain message which states that if the reader doesn’t share the story or statement with others then they will confront some unfortunate happenings. 

No evidence has been established which can argue this tale to be real but still many people believe in this possibility and share it with others. 

Some share this story due to fear and others as a warning for others.  

Sharing the story of Teresa Fidalgo many times has put it together to be viral on social media. 

Outcomes Of Spreading Wrong Information

How did Teresa Fidalgo die? 

Spreading this fake story is a factual example of how improper information or messages gets viral effortlessly on the internet and people begin acknowledging them to be true. 

These types of stories and erroneous information cause numerous harmful outcomes for social media and internet users. 

One should be prudent before sharing any such message or videos online unless and until one knows the entire actuality behind them. 

Teresa Fidalgo’s story is a message to every user that they should be more attentive while conveying any information or message on social media. 

The prevalence of social media users gets perplexed by the notion that either their mothers or themselves will notice some type of ghost and then they will perish.

Ways to Spot Fake News Stories 

Nowadays it is very common to hit upon hoaxes and misinformation on different social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram that are broadcasted to attain attraction. 

There is a promising possibility that one might have reached such intriguing suppositions and hazards and faced false incidents.

How did Teresa Fidalgo die? 

This story is an incredible instance that tells how quickly fake news stories spread to get viral.

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One can spot fake news stories by scrutinizing the following fortes: 

  • Is the story too good or too bad to become a statement? 
  • Do the statements have any spelling or grammar mistakes? 
  • Is the tale dispatched by any unknown source? 
  • Has any other wrong information regarding the story which can contend it to be true been circulated? 

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then in two simple words JUST IGNORE sharing them. 

The story of Teresa Fidalgo’s death has been spread and proceeded viral leading to apprehension and threat among users and stories about spirits are fed inside by many others to disperse fear. 

Ways to Avoid Spreading Fake News

The Spread of Teresa Fidalgo’s story would have been prevented from getting viral if users had worked smartly and bypassed sharing the story of ‘How did Teresa Fidalgo die?’ with others. 

If anyone is not certain about the reference or claim of the story or statement they are obtaining on the internet then they should sidestep sharing it with others. 

Sharing fake information can lead to severe outcomes as happened with Teresa Fidalgo’s story. 

It is formidable to acknowledge that a young lady ghost with paranormal power opts to frighten the populace on social media just because they flunked to share or forward a photo or message. 

And the rationale of this statement seems to be based on and is entirely erroneous.


Teresa Fidalgo is a make-believe character from a viral ghost tale that emanated on the internet after a fake video got viral. 

Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost story is probably one of the most viral fake information ever provoked about Teresa Fidalgo’s death. 

There is no truth in this story about ‘How did Teresa Fidalgo die?’ 

As the story author David Rebordao has also publicized that this is a made-up story. 

The Author in an interview conveyed to channel TVI declared that he was relatively surprised to notice the success of this fake story and its longevity as well. 

He contemplated how some people acknowledge such fake stories. The author is now working on his fresh assignments.

So we can conclude that Teresa Fidalgo was a fictitious story character. 

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