UK visit visa

To enter the marvelous United Kingdom, any citizen residing in any part of the UAE must obtain a UK visa. Be it for tourism, business, or long-term residence, the government of the United Kingdom offers different types of UK visa for different traveling reasons.

Every UK visa demands several procedures to get approved. Regardless of the complicated application procedure for the UK visit visa, foll UK calls visa owing our guide will ensure easy access to your UK visa from start to finish.

What is a UK Visit Visa?

A UK Visit Visa is a kind of travel visa or tourism visa, also known as a Standard Visitor Visa and allows you to stay in the UK for up to six months. However, based on your travel period, you can either shorten or extend the period up to six months.

Obtainment of a UK visa is obligatory for every Emirati. You can use your UK visit visa for the following purposes:

  • To enjoy a vacation (UK tourist visa)
  • To attend to any business arrangement (UK visit visa).
  • To avail of any health treatment (UK visit visa).
  • To complete any short-term educational course (UK visit visa).

How to apply for the UK visit visa from Dubai?

Applying for visas can be a complicated procedure. But not now! We have made the application procedures as easy as a piece of apple pie through the following steps.

Step 1: Prepare your visa application.

  • Required documents for the application:
  • A filled and duly signed UK Visit Visa application form free from any errors.
  • The original passport of the applicant has six months of validity. It should contain a minimum of two blank pages.
  • Three passport-sized photographs of the applicant clicked against a white background.
  • Bank statement copy for the previous six months demonstrating that you have sufficient funds to stay in the UK.
  • Supporting documents as per your living
  • For employed
  • A NOC letter from the respective employer stating the applicant’s position, status, salary, etc.
  • For students
  • Applicant’s institution ID card
  • Educational certificate
  • For minor
  • Birth certificate
  • ID proof of parents (PAN card)
  • NOC letter from parents/ non-accompanying parent
  • For visiting relative/friend
  • ID proof of the inviter
  • invitation letter
  • Address proof of the inviter.
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Every applicant needs to be physically present during the application process. In the case of a minor application, the accompanying or non-accompanying parent should be present.

Step 2: Pay for your UK visa

You can complete your payment for the application through your active debit/credit card.

The UK visits visa from Dubai for single or multiple entries, excluding any agency fee, may cost up to 430 AED.


The visa fee is non-refundable in any situation, including the rejection of an application.

The UK travel authorities have every right to change the rules or fees as and when required. So, be sure to check the latest information for the payment.

Step 3: Attend the interview

After your payment procedure, schedule an appointment to attend the interview with the UK Embassy. The interview date and time can be planned as per your requirements.

  • Required documents for the interview
  • A hard copy or electronic copy showing the confirmation of the appointment.
  • Your original passport
  • print the completed application form.
  • Payment fee receipts
  • A copy of the biometric information
  • All supporting documents

Attending the interview is a crucial step that states your reason for travel. Be confident and answer every question honestly.

Step 4: Obtaining a UK visit visa from Dubai.

A UK visits visa takes at least 10 to 15 working days to get approved. Once all the procedures are verified, you will receive your valid UK visit visa.

Where to submit for the UK visit visa?

  • UK visa application center in Dubai
  • British Embassy-Dubai

These are the simple and easy steps for a hassle-free application for your UK visit visa from Dubai. Ensure you follow the above guide and get your visa approved.

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