As an effective way to generate sales, create a strong online presence, boost brand recognition and overall grow a business more efficiently and strongly, Influencer Marketing is very important. Influencer marketing services are at large and grew even more during the pandemic.

Ercess Live, the best Influencer Marketing agency in India is the one-stop destination for all your influencer marketing solutions. Providing a great influencer marketing services platform,

  1. Works with influencers at a very lower cost than expected

With a huge database of the best influencers that actually generate ROI for businesses, Ercess Live offers its services at a very low cost. They run both types of campaigns 1. Paid collaborations, 2. Barter collaborations. Their prices start just with 150/- per influencer for Barter collabs which is the cheapest yet provides a great value for money, also this brings a real result for the brands they really need.

  1. Strong influencers working with the team who are just a call away

Minimizing the gap between the brands and the influencers, Ercess Live is a revolution as an Influencer Marketing service provider. Serving businesses with every sort of opportunity to grow, the company is helping hundreds of companies and influencers to connect and work together for the betterment of digital marketing and the commercial sector. They worked with many actors and actresses and with this they provide super-fast services fitting best for your business.

  1. They enable the physical shoots also like promotion on stores etc. Influencers can travel to desired locations

Ercess Live is known as the most influencer marketing agency in India for a reason and with every project, the company has shown its potential productivity. As the best influencer marketing agency in Bangalore and as the most influencer marketing agency in Kolkata and other center cities. They also provide shoots at your desired location anywhere in India by being resourceful and also their influencers can travel to your shoot location to get the things done.

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Ercess Live has done 100s of physical product shoots across the country, in metro and non-metro cities. They have done it for Senco Gold & Diamonds, Big Bazaar, TVS motors, Bengal Tourism, etc.

  1. Influencers from specific areas like metro, tier 1, tier 2

With a huge database of influencers from areas like metro, tier 1, and tier 2 cities, they allow you to access a database with deep metrics of the profile and select the ones which are really suitable. When it comes to influencers discovery and profile analysis this is the best tech platform ever produced in India. They have segregated the data location-wise and can provide the profiles as your campaign targeting in terms of geographic locations.

  1. Holding a very reputed position as the most influencer marketing agency

Ercess Live works with the right prospects and needs of the brand. Targeting should be done in a way where the potential customers end up buying or connecting to the brand and with Ercess Live, targeting and achieving goals are not just some mere plans, it’s a commitment.

Ercess Live’s CEO Vishal Jaiswal has put forward his thoughts about the importance of influencer marketing, stating “By 2021, the influencer marketing industry has seen grow up to $120 million in India alone, and by 2022, the estimated growth can be $13.8 billion across the globe. The industry is rapidly expanding and its importance is recognized by many companies and businesses. As per our research, the overall growth of the number of agencies involved in this industry is increased by 26%. Short videos are the best sources of marketing and we are already witnessing this huge wave of new marketing strategies with Instagram reels. Mark Zuckerberg has correctly pointed out the fact that the future belongs to short and creative videos.”

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The company helps manage everything easily and is a great help to maintain brand recognition, making it the best influencer marketing agency in India.

Photo Credit: Ercess Live