Donna passionately kisses new businessman beau Ashley Smatt during romantic dinner date



Donna passionately kisses new businessman beau Ashley Smatt during romantic dinner date

Donna was last linked to Gunnar, whose vitamin vapes boast ‘inhaling your supplements supports your health’, last summer.

The loved-up couple were seen canoodling outside a Chelsea restaurant in July 2021, and friends were said to be excited about the union.

Gunnar has three children with his ex-wife Saskia, who once dated Theo Osbourne, colourful younger brother of former Chancellor George.

After having their third child, Saskia left Gunnar for Nick Johnston, an Old Etonian pal of David Cameron, who was married at the time. 


Before Gunnar, Donna was last publicly in a relationship with Ben, 39, and Donna told the Daily Mail in May 2019 how she was enjoying decorating their new West London home.

However the couple soon went their separate ways.

A source said at the time: ‘It’s sad, but Donna is excited about the next chapter in her life,’ says a friend. ‘She has a great support system and at her birthday party in London last week she was surrounded by friends and family.’


The couple had been in an on-off relationship for several years, and Donna attended the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews in May 2017.

Donna split from him James in 2018, but vowed to remain on good terms with her former partner. 

She told the Mail on Sunday: ‘James and I are no longer an item. We parted ways in December but remain the very best of friends and always will be.’

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Donna previously insisted that James ‘didn’t introduce her to high society’ as she was already apparently very well connected. 


Callum was spotted trying to sneak home with Donna in September 2011 following a night at trendy London nightclub Mahiki.

After partying the night away together the pair attempted to try a dummy on the waiting paparazzi by leaving separately.

Calum left first at 3am and walked down the road away from the club whilst Donna jumped in her chauffeur driven Mercedes, but then picked up Calum around the corner.

Unfortunately for the incognito couple Calum was spotted crouched down trying to hide in the back seat of the car, next to Donna.

The couple headed back to Donna’s north London home.


Donna had been dating the American-born tycoon since early 2010 but remained coy about the relationship, once saying: ‘I have met someone but I can’t say his name.’

The couple often jetted off to John’s holiday pad in the Swiss Alps and the TV presenter was also a frequent visitor at his lavish West London home in Holland Park.

Donna had told friends that the romance with John, billionaire heir to 40 per cent of the Campbell Soup fortune, was ‘very serious’.

But Newcastle-born Donna hinted at being single again when she said in a interview she had ‘never worked so hard as I have done being a single mum’.


Donna previously dated Damian Aspinall, with whom she has a daughter, Freya, 18.

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The couple controversially placed their daughter in the hands of a 200lb gorilla as a baby as part of a family ritual.

Describing his plans for Freya at the time, Aspinall told London’s Evening Standard: ‘It’s a ritual. I’ll probably give her to the dominant female who will take her off, sex her, and introduce her to the others.

‘I did this with my other daughters, now it’s Freya’s turn.’

Donna fully approved of the plan as neither believed Freya would be in any danger.  ‘Why would I not trust them? I know them, I grew up with them. They are my friends,’ Aspinall said.


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