These pieces are flying out of our closet once and for all. Who of us doesn’t know it? But do you also know about how to make real money gambling online to buy new clothes? In the depths of our closet lie quite a few shopping corpses that we have either never worn, or no longer wear. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to part with them.

Then here comes the imaginary kick in the butt and we clean out the closet together. And these pieces fly out once and for all and never, never, never move back in. 


It was a great shopping day and there you were picking up this one piece. It was on sale, looked pretty good in the dressing room, but now it somehow doesn’t fit you at all and you don’t like it at all. One knows, it has also happened to us! Rule number 1: No impulse buying! Then exactly this happens. The part is in the closet and you have worn it, if at all, only a handful of times. No matter if it was one or more impulse buys that you don’t like anymore – they’re out! Ask friends if they want some of it, donate the pieces or sell them on some websites. There are plenty of them. You can sell anything that is in good shape. This way you make others happy and lighten your closet!


Either they have become too small over time or have never fit. Who has heard of the “motivational pants” that are supposed to make us lose weight? Who has ever bought them? Guilty! But let’s face it, these pieces don’t make us happy nor do they manage to motivate us. All they do is plain and simple, they don’t fit. And they don’t need to be made to fit either! Buy pieces that fit and screw the clothing sizes! They’re different in every store anyway. And I promise: You will notice a difference. When you feel comfortable, it shows and you radiate it. Clothes that are too small are no longer an option!

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Sometimes you can reward yourself, especially if you have already sorted out a lot. But before you start running to the stores again, we have a better idea! There must be many pieces in your closet that you wear all the time, right? And that’s exactly what they look like. The white t-shirt has definitely been whiter and the jeans have also lived their best days. Especially with basic pieces, it’s worth replacing them every few months. But only if you can part with the old parts. So: dead worn parts out, new basics in.

By the way, this doesn’t mean that we should constantly sort out. But sometimes everything in your closet just gets on your nerves or even depresses you. Especially those parts that are just lying around. They will certainly find a better use!