Brit, 18, is swept away and killed by an avalanche while on a ski tour in Switzerland

An 18-year-old British man has died following an avalanche in Switzerland while on a ski tour, local police said.

Authorities are currently searching for a second person who was also caught in the disaster early on Tuesday in Meiringen, in the canton of Bern.

The age and gender of the missing person is unknown.

The man who died in the avalanche was reportedly living in Bern and was found dead following the disaster.

Police received the report of the fatal avalanche around 4.25pm on Tuesday evening, local Swiss media said.

The incident took place on the Bernese Alps yesterday evening

The incident took place on the Bernese Alps yesterday evening

The avalanche occurred at the Gstelliwang ski slope on the Wellhorn mountain in the Bernese Alps.

A group of people had been on the mountain skiing together, local media reported. It is believed the two peeled away from the group and made their way down the slope. The avalanche hit shortly after, burying the two.

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Emergency responders found the 18-year-old man dead.

Authorities paused their search overnight but it resumed at 7.30 this morning at first light. 

Swiss Alpine Rescue Rega crews, Swiss Alpine Rescue, several Rega, Air-Glaciers and Swiss Helicopter helicopters, mountain specialists and other employees of the Bern canton police and the Canton of Bern Care Team are currently searching for the second individual.


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