Brighton Butler's divorce

Brighton Butler has filed for a divorce from her husband recently. The happy couple has decided to part ways after staying in marriage for more than 6 years. The couple also has two children from the marriage. Brighton Butler’s divorce from her husband caught the media’s attention on 2 May 2023 when the couple briefed them after filing for divorce in Dallas County District Court.

Brighton Butler is a successful businesswoman and social media influencer from Texas, USA. Her fans have been speculating the reasons after this news came out but nothing concrete is evident from the available sources. They are curious to know why most successful people are not good when it comes to handling relationships on a personal level. In the blog, all the news from relevant sources has been accumulated to provide you with the best outcome for your questions. Apart from Brighton Butler’s divorce reason, you will also be informed about her personal life, background, business ventures, and net worth in 2023.

Who is Brighton Butler?

Brighton Butler

Brighton Butler is an American blogger, social media influencer, and fashion designer. She was born on 24 October 1991 in Texas, USA. Initially, she began her business by writing beautiful articles on her blog named “Brighton The Day .com” where she puts forward her opinion regarding travel, beauty, fashion, skincare, and DIYs. 

For higher education, she attended The University of Texas, Austin where she majored in Business with Honors from the prestigious McCombs School of Business. She also has experience working with leading firms such as PwC and Hayman Woods LLC. Her other venture Dee Keeler Design is famous for selling luxury goods and is also a profitable business.

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Seeing herself growing at a rapid pace she diverted her audience to other social media channels such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Her Instagram and TikTok followers are more than 400k. She also started her own company with the name “BrightonTheDay LLC” where she is also a stakeholder. Her total net worth stands at around 3$ million USD. 

Brighton Butler’s husband and personal life?

Brighton Butler married her husband Duncan Butler in January 2017 after dating for the past three years. Her husband Duncan is a lawyer by profession and is also the co-founder of her company “BrightonTheDay LLC”. The couple also has two children and they have named them Blake and Oliver.  Other details of her family members are not available anywhere.

Brighton Butler’s divorce from her husband Duncan Butler

The fans were taken aback when they heard the news of Brighton Butler’s divorce from her husband Duncan Butler. On 2 May 2023, the couple filed for a divorce in Dallas County Family District Courts in Texas. Fans began debating and speculating about the reasons behind Brighton Butler’s divorce. Though the divorce news is out, the couple has not officially declared the news themselves on any platform.

This act has raised eyebrows about how someone who is bold and honest in outward appearance was able to deceive them. Along with the news, there are also some rumors of infidelity regarding Brighton as well as Duncan. Be it Reddit or the official handle of Brighton, fans are ranting out on the couple. But there is also a group of fans who despite all these are still being supportive of Brighton Butler. 

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Future outcomes of the Brighton Butler’s divorce

Family matters are complicated. Things become more estranged when the couple is connected financially as well as professionally. Since Duncan is also a stakeholder in BrightonTheDay LLC after the divorce finally happens, he may dissolve his holdings to just keep professional relations with Brighton. Since it is Brighton who has filed a divorce, Duncan may receive some alimony.

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