At least eight people are dead after two boats capsized near Blacks Beach in California

  • Crews responded to Blacks Beach in San Diego County California Saturday night
  • San Diego Fire-Rescue Department confirmed eight people have died
  • Recovery efforts will resume Sunday morning if weather conditions improve 

At least eight people are dead after two boats collided off the coast of Black’s Beach in California late Saturday night.

The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department received a call around 11:30 p.m. from a woman who said she was on a panga boat with 15 people who made it to the shore, but that there was another boat that had capsized and people were in the water. 

When crews arrived, they found two overturned panga boats and bodies floating in the water across 400 yards. Lifejackets and fuel barrels were also found. 

Seven bodies were pulled to shore by lifeguards at the scene and Border Patrol located the eighth body, according to the SDFD. The bodies were turned over to the San Diego County Medical Examiner.  

Officials from SDFD, San Diego police, Customs Border Protection, US Coast Guard, State Lifeguards, UCSD Police and SDFD Lifeguards responded last night. 

It was reported that the lifeguard dispatcher used GPS coordinates from the woman who called to find the crash location – which was about 800 yards north of the base of Black Gold Road.

Crews were forced to wade out in waist-high water to reach the boats due to the high tide. A panga boat is a style of fishing boat commonly used in the Caribbean and Central America.

Two helicopters were sent up to search for victims last night, but SDFD said conditions were too foggy. 

The SDFD will resume recovery efforts on Sunday morning. 

They told ABC 10News that they hope the conditions will improve and plan to call in additional crews to help. 

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