I was initially skeptical when I was invited to try Cool Sculpting for myself, but Anne said she has seen amazing results time after time, and knew it would ‘work’ for me.

To say I was shocked when I saw the before and after photos is an understatement, I couldn’t believe how much my body had changed over six weeks. What shocked me most is that I had only lost 500 grams throughout the process.

While the stomach photos are incredible the real winner for me is the chin – even in moments when I am fit and much slimmer I have a double chin. 

So we got down to business, she had me in my bra and underwear ready to take before photos shortly after I stepped foot in her Gordon-based clinic for the first time.

We decided to focus on my stomach, as it is where most of my fat sits, even when I am being more active.

For the same reason Anne also used the machine on my chin.

Anne explained we would need to do two sessions, one on the top portion of my stomach and one on the bottom.

To make sure my photos only reflected Anne’s work I didn’t increase exercise or change my diet during the time – although doing so can supercharge the results.

The Process

Each section of the stomach takes 70 minutes in the machine.

Anne put a protective strip on my skin and attached the machine which vacuums up the fat and then holds it in place as it is frozen.

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The initial suctioning feels pretty weird but having the attachment on for 70 minutes was fine, and gave me the opportunity to catch up on some Netflix.

I was blown away when she took the vacuum off. The frozen fat resembled some kind of piece of cryo-vacced meat from the supermarket.

She then massaged the frozen fat to break apart the ice crystals. This felt very weird but wasn’t painful. 

The chin suction was on for 45minutes, and it was fairly uncomfortable. The suction was so strong that it was slightly painful when it was removed and when she massaged my frozen second chin it made me feel queasy. I was left with what looked like a hickey for a few days. 

After treatment 

My stomach felt cold for a day. Parts of it felt numb and or tingled for weeks and when I laughed it hurt like it does when you laugh the day after a heavy ab session.

They say you can return to your normal routine quickly, however I found it painful to run more than a few steps for about ten days. 

I also went to the bathroom a lot more. I was warned there would be extra bowel movements as the body evacuated the fat cells but wasn’t prepared for my once every day or two visit to the loo to increase to four to six visits per day.

My chin was sore to touch for a few days but once the swelling and redness went down it was fine. 

The Result 

I lost 500 grams between the before and after photos.

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I am shocked by how good my chin looks – the definition is amazing and it is something my friends and family have noticed.

It makes me more confident to appear in candid snaps.

My stomach looks lifted in the picture – I am amazed by how the over hang was reduced and how it impacted the overall shape of my torso.

Clothes fit better and don’t cling to my stomach anymore. I also find it more comfortable to sleep on my front.

About me

I am currently at my largest ever size, both dress size and on the scales. And while I am confident and know that weight goes up and down depending on what’s going on in my life it can still hit me on low days.

I wouldn’t have looked at anything like this – as I always assumed it was for people trying to get rid of the last stubborn layer – not kick-start their transformation.

In total my treatments were worth $2,600. $1,000 for each portion on my stomach and $600 for the chin.

About Cooltech fat freezing

With more than a million Cooltech® treatments performed globally to date, a 95 per cent overall customer satisfaction rating was achieved. Results may be observed as soon as 15 days after starting the program. 

It is possible to avoid liposuction by using Cooltech® fat freezing. It eliminates fat pockets from the body without causing any discomfort or posing any hazards. This is appropriate for anybody who struggles to get rid of stubborn lumps, bumps, and bulges on their body. 

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Cooltech® fat freezing procedures need no injections, no cuts, no downtime, and no wearing of restrictive garments. Because of the short and simple nature of this therapy, you may return to your normal routine promptly after a procedure. 

Fatty cell destruction is achieved with Cooltech body sculpting through the use of cryolipolysis, a medical procedure. The Cooltech fat freezing device reduces the temperature of fat cells to a point where fat cell death occurs.

Consequently, approximately 30% of the fat in the treated region may be eliminated in each treatment session. Following treatment, your body’s natural defence system processes will safely eliminate any dead fat tissue accumulated in the weeks following the procedure. 

Source: North Shore Aesthetics


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