YouTube video emerges of Gareth and Train during Wieambilla shooting: ‘Mrs Yugi Girawil’


Chilling video emerges of evil doomsday prepper killers huddled in darkness and boasting about killing two police officers and a neighbour on their property: ‘Devils and demons’

Disturbing footage has emerged of two Queensland cop killers ranting about ‘devils’ and ‘demons’ hours after shooting dead two constables on their remote bush property. 

Footage posted to a now-deleted YouTube account named ‘Mrs Yugi Girawil’ shows Gareth Train and his wife Stacey Train boasting about killing two police officers at their remote Wieambilla property on Monday.

The video was uploaded at 7.39pm, three hours after the couple and their brother Nathaniel gunned down Constable Matthew Arnold, 26 and Rachel McCrow were gunned down, along with Good Samaritan neighbour Alan Dare, 59.

In the clip, seen by Daily Mail Australia, Gareth Train said: ‘They came to kill us and we killed them’.

YouTube video emerges of Gareth and Train during Wieambilla shooting: ‘Mrs Yugi Girawil’

Stacey and Gareth Train posted a chilling YouTube video three hours before they were killed in the Wieambilla shootout

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He also referred to the cops as ‘devils and demons’.

Stacey Train then finished the clip saying ‘we’ll see you when you get home’ and ‘love you, Don’.

On the YouTube channel, the pair describe themselves as Daniel and Jane – the middle names of Gareth and Stacey Train. 

A further five minute video, named ‘Prepare for Battle and Be Strangers on the Earth’, features Stacey Train reading out loud a bizarre Christian verse.

The Mrs Yuri Girawil channel only had six subscribers and 10 videos and has since been deleted.

The couple, along with Garth’s brother and Stacey’s ex-husband Nathaniel Train, 46, were later killed in a late night shoot out with tactical police.

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