Confronting moment angry shopper hurls abuse and launches herself at Woolworths staff and security before customers jump in and help restrain her

  • Woolworths customers, staff and security stunned by unruly, abusive shopper 
  • She was restrained in a bear hug by a fellow shopper after lunging at staff 
  • Woolworths raised the issue with police and plan to ban the woman from store
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Woolworths staff, shoppers and security have struggled to restrain an unruly customer hurling a tirade of abuse at them as shocked bystanders watched on.

An altercation with a staff member appeared to have sparked the incident on Saturday afternoon inside Woolworths at the Hibiscus shopping centre in the Darwin suburb of Leanyer.

Footage of the confrontation posted by the Mango Inquirer shows the woman lunging at staff members before being restrained by a fellow shopper.

She was then escorted from the store by security.

The footage filmed by a shopper returning his trolley to the store, shows the woman being held back by a store supervisor while she hurls abuse at another worker.

‘Don’t attack my staff!’ the store supervisor can be heard saying. 

The woman manages to break the supervisor’s hold and lunges at the worker before a male shopper at a nearby checkout intervenes, holding her in a tight bear hug.

‘Get off me you gronk,’ the woman can be heard yelling at the man.

Security guards quickly arrive on the scene, escorting the seemingly recurring offender outside of the store.

‘You do this every time,’ the store supervisor can be heard yelling at the woman as she leaves. 

Woolworths confirmed police were contacted about the incident and plan to ban the woman from the store. 

‘There is no place for this kind of abusive behaviour anywhere in our community,’ a spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Our team members do the very best they can to help customers, and deserve to be treated with respect on the job.’

‘Woolworths offers ongoing support and counselling for all staff members.’

A member of the public eventually intervenes and restrains the woman in a tight bear hug

A member of the public eventually intervenes and restrains the woman in a tight bear hug

Many viewers who watched the viral video the angry customer came to the defence of the staff and customer who restrained her.

‘The dude giving the bear hug is the real MVP,’ one user commented.

‘Dang!!! Don’t flash your crazy about in Woolies,’ another wrote.

However, others questioned security’s involvement in the incident.

‘The security guard needs to be stood down or properly trained. The staff and public don’t need to be the one’s dealing with this,’ one commented



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