A conspiracy theorist shared a series of paranoid posts claiming Port Arthur was an inside job and Princess Diana’s death was a ‘blood sacrifice’ before shooting dead two young cops and an innocent bystander. 

Doomsday prepper Gareth Train, alongside his former school principal brother Nathaniel and ex-teacher wife Stacey, shot dead Queensland police officers Rachel McCrow, 29, and Matthew Arnold, 26, as they walked up the driveway of his property on Monday about 4.30pm.

The three family members, dressed in camouflage and heavily armed, opened fire on the cops as they arrived at the Train family’s Wieambilla homestead to investigate the disappearance of Nathaniel, who hadn’t been heard from since October.

An innocent bystander and neighbour Alan Dare, 58, was also killed. Two other police managed to escape with their lives – one into bushes, and another from the property. A special ops squad later shot the Train family dead. 

Posts obtained by Daily Mail Australia show Gareth Train was extremely active online in the comments sections of fringe news websites and regularly shared bizarre – and often deranged – theories about major world events. 

Nathaniel Train (pictured) was shot dead on Monday at his brother's property in Wieambilla, three hours west of Brisbane,

Nathaniel Train (pictured) was shot dead on Monday at his brother’s property in Wieambilla, three hours west of Brisbane,

Rachel McCrow, 29, joined the Queensland police force in June 2021

Matthew Arnold, 26, joined the forced in March 2020

Constables Rachel McCrow, 29 (left) and Matthew Arnold, 26, (right) were both gunned down upon entering Gareth Train’s property in Wieambilla, rural Queensland

Neighbour Alan Dare (pictured) was shot dead by the two men after he went to investigate the gunshots

In one online rant, Gareth wrote that the Australian government was responsible for the Port Arthur Massacre, where 35 people were killed in Tasmania in 1996.

‘Anyone who watched the live media coverage at the time and was aware of the political deceit lead up knows that this was a Government Psychological Operation to disarm the Australian population,’ he wrote in November 2020.

Just two months earlier Gareth had claimed ‘chemical agents’ had been dropped over Australia, covering large parts of NSW, Victoria and Queensland. ‘We are now being poisoned and chemically manipulated on a massive scale,’ he wrote.

Gareth also regularly shared his mistrust for the Queensland Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) – the same team that arrived at his home and shot him about 10.30pm local time last night. 

‘The state sponsored terrorising squaddies – SOG, SERT and other special people are but government paramilitary hammers,’ he said in September last year.

The property, owned by Gareth, who spoke of prepping his home for an apocalypse, and his wife Stacey was well off the grid, had extensive solar panels and water tanks

The property, owned by Gareth, who spoke of prepping his home for an apocalypse, and his wife Stacey was well off the grid, had extensive solar panels and water tanks

His most outrageous claims were from April last year where he spoke of an ‘occult blood sacrifice’, which he claimed was responsible for the death of Princess Diana and 9/11.

‘Most don’t accept Princess Diana’s death was an Occult blood sacrifice to spellbind or the blood sacrifice of 9/11 or the War machine,’ he said.

‘Occult blood sacrifice runs hand in glove with Occult money magick.’ Occult refers to the practices of supernatural beliefs.

Gareth also claimed social media was ’embedded with Lucifarian spellbinding’.

He also wrote an anti-vaccination post, while in another he spoke about his thoughts on Queensland which he referred to as the ‘bad lands’.

His brother Nathaniel is understood to have been living at Gareth and Stacey’s home – which was off the grid, and which he appeared to be prepping for an imminent apocalypse, with extensive solar panels and water tanks.

Four officers were  at this Wains Road property at Wieambilla when they were fired upon

Four officers were  at this Wains Road property at Wieambilla when they were fired upon

Online, he said he had been ‘ark homesteading for the past five years preparing to survive tomorrow’ – although said he was happy to live in Queensland despite its apparent faults.

‘Bad cops, bad mobile service, bad roads, bad council, bad ice addicts, bad youth crime … but still the best spot to be living free.’

Gareth had a strong dislike for the police force and an obsession with alleged re-education camps.

Police had attended the Queensland property as part of inquiries into missing man Nathaniel Train (pictured), last seen in Dubbo in central-west NSW a year ago

On a thread about trains, Gareth wrote: ‘Re-education camps are located at the end of the line. Monitoring the rail system will ensure no escape. Dissenters will find themselves catching the long black train.’

Meanwhile, his brother, Nathaniel Train, was a very highly regarded teacher who was hailed by his colleagues for his work with children, raising standards and dramatically improving exam results.

He was well-loved as principal at Yorkeys Knob State School near Cairns where he was principal for about five years – after joining from Innisfail East State School where he was principal since 2011. 

He was most recently the Executive Principal at Walgett Community College Primary School.

‘He made Yorkeys the highest performing NAPLAN school in far north Queensland,’ one former colleague told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday.

Stacey Train was also an educator, and the head of curriculum at the Tara Shire State College.

She also ran to be the representative of the Western Downs branch of the Queensland teachers union. 

Two other officers were injured in the shooting on Monday.

Constable Randall Kirk, who is 28 with a toddler and a pregnant wife, was shot in the leg but managed to escape.

Keely Brough, 28, managed to escape and hide the bush, and sent frantic text messages to loved ones as she prepared for the worst with the gunmen setting fire to the bush to smoke her out.

She was later rescued by a specialist police tactical team which had scrambled to the scene. 

Alan Dare, who lives on a neighbouring property, came out to inspect the commotion was also shot before two camouflaged gunmen. 

Queensland Police commissioner Katarina Carroll said during a press conference on Tuesday it was miracle the two officers survived.

‘They bravely did what they could to save their colleagues in the most horrendous circumstances,’ she said.


Monday 4.30pm: Four officers attended a property on Wains Road at Wieambilla as part of inquiries into a missing persons investigation

4.30-5pm: Two gunmen dressed in camo armed opened fire as police ­approached the house 

A male constable, 29, and his female colleague, 26, were shot at close rnage and hit the ground. The gunmen stood over the injured officers and shot them again before taking their Glock pistols. A neighbour was also shot dead.

After 5pm:  A third officer shot in the leg who managed to escape is taken to the local hospital. A fourth who fled into surrounding bushland is later rescued by a specialist police tactical team.

6pm: Police declare an emergency declaration zone encompassing the area between Chinchilla Tara Rd, Wieambilla Rd, Bennetts School Rd, and Mary Street.

After 6pm: Sporadic gunfire was reported by locals throughout the night

10.30pm: Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll pays tribute to the killed officers in an emotional press conference

11.30pm:  A shootout with the Special Emergency Response Team police leaves two men and a woman dead.

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