Girls like road trips. This can be the brightest girly weekend and the funniest escape. You have enough time to chat with girls, enjoy the sceneries around, and, perhaps, take the best unexpected adventure in your life. What car to pick for the adventure? Car rental app will help you find the best car online. Given characteristics and prices give a real image of your desired car. Besides, it makes the car rental process faster. So, how about a Jeep? No doubts, ladies love Jeeps.

Why ladies rent Jeeps?

It may surprise you, but Jeeps are specially designed for dirty works on rough terrain. They are easy to drive on any muddy, rocky, or watery surfaces. They have large wheels, open tops, and removable doors to enjoy the surrounding landscapes. Many people think that Jeeps are for men only. But the fact is that ladies also love Jeeps. Why? 

Girls love cars for fun

It is not a secret that girls don’t like serious cars. Nevertheless, you always pick a car that suits your trip the most. Thus, sedans are the cheapest vehicles you are offered to rent. Trucks are the best with its towing capacity and converting interior. But Jeeps can boast all of these uses! This is a unique combination of power, luxury, and space. Its driving features are better than you can imagine. Moreover, Jeeps are fun. Their engine can roar and drive everyone’s attention. And, unlike boring sedans, Jeeps can be convertible with their open tops. That’s enough for the most impressive vacation ever.

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Girls love durable cars

Do you know that first Jeeps were designed special for military purposes? The cars are still aggressive and powerful. Of course, modern cars have upgraded design and technologies. But they are still as durable as the models made for military use. Do you want to most reliable car in the USA? Jeep Wranglers are the best ranted four-wheel-drive car! You will never have problems with passengers, roads, weather conditions if rent a Jeep. Jeep Wrangler car rental will help to rent a car for everywhere.

Girls love dirty cars

They think that girls love clean and accurate cars. It’s a commonly spotted truth. As you know modern Jeeps look really cool whether they are clean or dirty. Anyway, no worries if your car is dirty stem to stern. A clean Jeep is a really mythical creature. People usually rent Jeeps for different, absolutely messy situations. They fit harmoniously into any rocky, sandy, muddy, or city landscape. Believe it or not, women also like to wear dirt on their Jeeps and feel the most adventurous creature in the world.

Death Valley Super Bloom 2017

Popular America’s girly destinations for off-roading

Looking for the best and the most adventurous routes in America, think of jeeping in California or somewhere in Texas. Here are a few the best girly destinations with the easiest messy roads and charming landscapes.

  1. Death Valley, California

Girls like this place the most. Looking for the best car rental option in California, you may notice that Jeeps are mostly popular for tourists who are going to visit Death Valley. It won’t surprise you but you can come to this National Park for adrenalin in summer, spring, autumn, and even in winter. Of course, in spring and summer the most of the roads are open and easy-driving. More than 3 million acres of beautiful landscapes are waiting for your visit. Dozens of canyons, hidden caves, and flowery valleys go in contrast with the luxury hotels where you can stay for a night and take some rest.

  1. Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Why Michigan? The Silver Lake Sand Dunes attracts many adventurers from all over the world. These places can be found on the Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. If you want to try real muddy jeeping, go to the Upper Peninsula. This is a place where you can find muddy roads, cedar forests, pine trees, and much fresh air. Take a drive along the beautiful lakes to get to the second largest waterfall in the country. Beauty!

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Maroon Jeep on a Trail

  1. Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Texas

This place for adventurous girls is situated in Texas. 240 miles of off-roading are waiting for you. By the way, here you can try different types of off-roading, including Jeeps, motorcycles, and even trucks. The trails are mostly made or rocks, dirt, and solid formations. You need a large reliable car you can go up of everything and forget about different road difficulties. All you want is meet challenges and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Are you ready to find hidden falls? Besides, you can go boating, try fishing, discover new hiking routes. How about camping? There are few interesting camping places in the park territory. You probably need a tent or just ask rental car agency for a good campervan.

Sometimes, ladies love Jeeps! This phenomenal car is able to survive the duel with any type of off-roading. Just relax and accept that fact that you are in safe and ready to face any problems. Once you realize that Jeep is what you really need for this trip, go online and rent a car just from your phone. This is the fastest and the cheapest way of car rental.