Ways To Make Your Back-to-School Outfit Stand Out

It’s the end of summer vacation and instead of focusing on all the classes you have and the summer reading you haven’t done, focus on a staple part of your day. The outfit. Always trying to find ways to make your back-to-school outfit stand out, so you feel confident? Well, here are some tips.

Make it Your Own 

When returning to school after potentially not seeing your friends for almost three months, there is always a fear that you are going to turn up in the same outfit. Or there are the students with excellent memories that will know if you are wearing the same outfit you did last year on the first day of school. So instead of this happening, you can also ensure your outfit is unique by personalizing it. Companies such as anthembranding.com set out to customize clothing such as t-shirts, hats, and your converse, and this will ensure your outfit stands out, and you will get noticed. 

Accessories are Your Best Friend 

However, for some students standing out isn’t that easy. Some schools around the country have to wear a uniform where individuality is a bit limited. Even though there are some benefits to wearing a school uniform, there aren’t many ways to say stand out. However, you can find some ways to show off your personality, and one of those is through accessories. This is a subtle and quite simple way to jazz up your uniform and reduces the boredom of wearing the same thing every day. Whether that is socks that have funky patterns/designs, jewelry that matches the color scheme, or hair accessories that make you sparkle. However, ensure that these accessories comply with the school dress code, as showing off your uniqueness doesn’t mean you have to get in trouble.

Save The Planet 

Finding ways to make your outfit stand out might be a strong way to start the school year, but it can also become expensive. A lot of stores know this will be the case, so they do have sales, but another path you can go down is thrifting. Thrifting is a great way to obtain clothes that are different and unique but also cheaper as well. Purchasing clothes and accessories from thrift has become a trend, but there are financial and environmental benefits to it. You are not only saving money, but you are recycling clothes that have been loved once before. Also, if the clothes are vintage, you never know. What you are wearing could be very rare, and then you will definitely stand out.


Going back to school shouldn’t be a stressful activity to do, and choosing your outfit should not be something to worry about. However, people do, but just remember what has been said, standing out can be as simple as customizing an old pair of shoes, so they look brand new or maybe even adding a subtle accessory to your outfit. The most important thing to remember is you have to be comfortable and feel confident in what you are wearing, and the rest will follow.