Two hopelessly outsized police officers confront an angry man at a train station who maintains his rage despite being pepper sprayed

  • Two police officers tried to subdue a very large and angry man at train station 
  • The man, who towers over the cops, is unaffected after a dose of pepper-spray 
  • Second man can be seen sprinting away from the platform along the train tracks 

Two police officers have struggled to subdue an angry commuter at a train station, with footage of the confrontation showing even a dose of pepper spray failed to subdue the man.

The clip showed the man towering over the two mask-wearing cops at Doonside train station in Sydney‘s western suburbs on Monday as shocked commuters watched on and filmed the moment from the upper level. 

The clearly agitated man wearing track-pants and a baseball cap repeatedly swears at the officers, lunging at one and raising his fists in a sparring motion. 

A second man can be seen in the background sprinting away from the situation along the train tracks.

The agitated towers over the two police officers as he paces along the train platform at Doonside in Western Sydney (pictured) 

One officer fired off some pepper spray when the man moved toward the other policeman.

Despite the spray hitting its target, the man seemed unaffected and continued his rant. 

Many people viewing the clip commented on the man’s size compared to the officers. 

‘Looks like a giant no wonder they stayed back. Either that or midget cops, there was a reason they used to have height restrictions,’ one person said. 

‘Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you’re tough, calm down,’ another said.

‘What a tool, capsicum spray didn’t work though,’ a third said. 

One officer deploys pepper-spray which does little to slow the man down (pictured)

One officer deploys pepper-spray which does little to slow the man down (pictured) 

‘Yeah, what a waste of pepper spray,’ agreed a fourth. 

Whether bystanders called police to the train station or they were on patrol when they encountered the man was not immediately clear. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted NSW Police for comment. 


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