Turkey is rocked by powerful 5.5 magnitude earthquake just weeks after it was shattered by catastrophe that left 50,000 dead and more than a million homeless

A powerful earthquake has struck Turkey again today amid the nation’s struggle to recover from a series of disasters this month. 

The 5.2 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 10km has taken a blow to central Turkey, just days after two further quakes hit the border near Syria. 

At 10.27am, the alarm was raised by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre that a quake struck 40km south of city Aksaray and 18km northeast of Emirgazi.

It comes at a time when both Turkey and Syria had begun work to reconstruct homes for the millions that were displaced by the quakes.

More than 50,000 have been killed due to the continued destruction, but it is unclear if any have died as a direct result of today’s incident.

On Monday, a new 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck parts of Turkey and Syria that were laid waste by a massive tremor that occurred two weeks prior.

Officials confirmed that three people died in Monday’s tremor after more buildings collapsed, trapping occupants, and several people were injured in both countries.

More to follow. 


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