Trans and gender-diverse staff at Coles will now be given 10 days extra leave


Trans and gender-diverse staff at Coles will now be given 10 days extra leave

At Coles, we welcome applications from the LGBTI+ community, and we recognise that trans and gender diverse applicants may have specific questions throughout the recruitment process.

Ensuring you have a fair, equitable and supportive recruitment experience:

We recognise that individuals may identify and be recognised within the community as a gender other than the sex they were assigned at birth or during infancy, or as a gender which is not exclusively male or female. There’s no obligation to disclose your gender identity, however if you choose to share this information, we’re here to provide advice and support. Our ‘Pride in Diversity LGBTI+ awareness’ trained Inclusive Recruitment team as well as our Diversity & Inclusion Manager, can work with relevant stakeholders and partners to assist you in navigating the recruitment process. Demonstrating understanding, sensitivity and respecting your confidentiality, we are committed to the principles of the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 that information will be handled confidentially and sensitively, and will not disadvantage your application. 

Encouraging you to be your authentic self 

Whether you’re attending an interview or starting your first day as a Coles team member, you’ll be supported as the gender with which you identify, wear the clothes or uniform of your affirmed gender, use the toilets and change rooms of your affirmed gender and be referred to by the name of your affirmed gender too. 

Providing Gender Affirmation and Transition at Coles Guidelines 

We strive for ongoing education, awareness and making sure our policies and processes remain free from discrimination and harassment. If you have or are in the process of affirming your gender, we have Guidelines to support you through that process, as well as our network of Store Managers and team members who have experience of gender affirming at Coles. 

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Developing our Pride Team Member Network 

We’re proud of the network we’ve developed at Coles for our LGBTI+ community and Allies. Our Pride SteerCo, led by senior leaders at Coles, sets the strategy and works hard to ensure we have the right training and capability, systems and processes and community engagement to build an inclusive workplace in every community we operate in. At the state level, we have active networks led by our LGBTI+ team members who drive local activity, participate in internal and external events, and provide local support and Allyship to all team members. 

Being committed as an employer of choice for the LGBTI+ community

We partner with Pride in Diversity – a national Australian not-for-profit employer support program for all aspects of LGBTI+ workplace inclusion. We also take part in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), highlighting the active role we play in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for the LGBTI+ community. 

We’re here to help 

We’re here to provide you with support and confidential advice throughout the recruitment process. Applicants can contact our Inclusive Recruitment team at where you’ll be supported by our Inclusive Recruitment LGBTI+ lead.


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