Take These Tech Bets If You Want to Win Big

First things first: This is not investing advice. If you sink a lot of money into investments without doing your due diligence, you are likely to lose your shirt. You will have no one to blame but yourself. That said, this article can help point you in the right direction for starting points when looking for what’s trending. Just because something is trending does not mean it will be a winner. It just means you should aim some of your research resources at those things.

The first thing you need before making any investment bets is money. The opportunity cost of not having enough to invest can be huge. When opportunity knocks, you need to be in a position to answer. If you aren’t, consider taking out a small loan for your business

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Right now, the tech sector is still the place where exciting things are happening. This is true despite chip shortages and economic downturns. The tech stack is just as much a part of societal infrastructure as electricity. Unlike electricity, all phases of technology are advancing by the day. Here are a few tech bets that are probably worth taking:

AR/VR and the Metaverse

Facebook, now known as Meta, bet the company on what they refer to as the metaverse. It is in vogue to hate Zuckerberg and his company these days. But that is a shortsighted approach. Whether or not Mark Zuckerberg wins, it is almost certain that AR/VR is about to have its moment. Even Apple is close to releasing a headset that is sure to turn heads in this space. Whether the OS is called xrOS or something else, it will definitely be called a big bet. Unless you are comfortable betting against Apple, you should probably be prepared to bet on some form of headset reality future.

It is not just the hardware. Virtual reality means virtual spaces ripe for advertising. If you don’t want to be there, rest assured your competitors will be. Just as with video games, virtual clothing will be a big business. The fashion world is ready as they are already dealing with virtual influencers. Zuckerberg’s legalese avatars will soon need pants and shoes. In fewer years than you imagine, those items will cost as much real money as their real counterparts. Getting an early foothold in virtual spaces is a sound bet right now.

Wireless Networking

We are quickly moving into a stage where everything with a plug or batteries will also be connected to the internet. That connection is going to be some kind of wireless connection. When your toothbrush shares data with your smartphone, it will be over wifi or cellular network protocol.

Right now, much of that equipment is owned by Chinese companies. Political tensions put all that at risk. More of this networking equipment will be designed, produced, and sold by local companies. That is almost certainly going to happen. Take a look around and see which US companies are poised to fill the gaps left by companies like Huawei. Local networking manufacturers are poised for exponential growth if the present tells us anything about the future.

Home Entertainment Gear

We are in a golden age of television and movies where the content has never been better or more accessible to more people. These days, everything is on demand. Movies spend less time on the big screen so they can quickly jump to streaming services where more people can consume them. 

There are more reasons than football for people to go out and buy a new TV. Those ultra-thin TVs have terrible speakers. That pushes the sales of better audio gear. Don’t forget about video games. They are as big a driver for the market as shows and movies. More than ever, the cineplex is in our living spaces. And so, too, should your financial interests.

Tech trends move fast and are notoriously hard to predict. But it is easy to see that virtual spaces, wireless networking, and home entertainment are on the ascendency.