Polar blast strikes Australia bringing SNOW to several states – with temperatures set to plunge even further – here’s how cold it will get near you

An icy blast hitting much of southern and eastern Australia is expected to intensify, bringing low-level snow to several states.

The strong cold front and low pressure system will be at its most severe on Tuesday, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned.

‘Residents of southeast South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and eastern New South Wales and parts of southern Queensland will be impacted by this system,’ the BOM says.

‘Significant snow and rain with possible severe thunderstorms and hail is also expected … mostly impacting western and central NSW, and western Victoria and Melbourne.’

Snow levels are expected to rapidly drop on Tuesday to 600-700 metres across Victoria, Tasmania and southeast NSW, and above 800m in the NSW Central Tablelands.

Significant snow on alpine peaks of 20-50cm is likely with blizzard conditions.

The bureau warns the low-level snow and windy conditions will create particularly hazardous driving conditions, with inland highways likely to be hit by sleet.

Maximum temperatures are expected to be up to 6C below the May average, including in areas as far inland as southern Queensland and southern NT.

The cold front is also bringing large swells that will batter most of the southern Australian mainland, in particular South Australia and western Victoria.

Severe weather warnings for damaging wind gusts are in place for much of South Australia and NSW, plus northern Victoria.

‘These areas have also recently seen significant rainfall meaning winds over sodden catchments may see fallen trees (and) powerlines and impacts to caravans and motorhomes,’ the BOM warns.

‘There will likely be damage to property and weakened trees, with possible flash flooding due to blocked drains.’

The damaging winds are likely to ease late on Wednesday.

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Tuesday Partly cloudy Min 9 Max 20

Wednesday Light showers Max 20

Thursday Showers. Min 10 Max 19

Friday Light showers. Min 8 Max 18

Saturday Mostly sunny. Min 7 Max 17


Tuesday Showers Min 10 Max 14

Wednesday Cloudy Min 9 Max 15

Thursday Showers Min 8 Max 15

Friday Showers Min 8 Max 16

Saturday Showers Min 11 Max 17


Tuesday Showers Min 8 Max 11

Wednesday Showers Min 6 Max 12

Thursday Cloudy Min 7 Max 13

Friday Possible showers Min 6 Max 11

Saturday Possible showers Min 7 Max 15

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Tuesday Showers Min 4 Max 11

Wednesday Showers Min 5 Max 12

Thursday Partly cloudy Min 5 Max 11

Friday Shower or two. Min 8 Max 15

Saturday Possible early shower. Min 6 Max 14


Tuesday Showers 3 Max 9

Wednesday Sunny Min 0 Max 9

Thursday Sunny Min -2 Max 11

Friday Possible showers Min -1 Max 11

Saturday Possible showers Min 3 Max 12


Tuesday Windy Min 10 Max 18

Wednesday Windy Min 8 Max 15

Thursday Cloudy Min 8 Max 17

Friday Possible showers Min 7 Max 17

Saturday Cloudy Min 9 Max 19


Tuesday Windy Min 13 Max 21

Wednesday Cloudy Min 13 Max 19

Thursday Cloudy Min 9 Max 19

Friday Cloudy Min 8 Max 22

Saturday Cloudy Min 13 Max 25


Tuesday Partly Cloudy Min 23 Max 32

Wednesday Partly Cloudy Min 24 Max 32

Thursday Partly Cloudy Min 23 Max 33

Friday Partly Cloudy Min 23 Max 33

Saturday Min 23 Max 33



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