Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts DELAYS handover of Trump’s tax returns to Congress: Victory for ex-President who argued Democrats only want files for political reasons

  • Roberts temporarily blocked Congress from getting hold of Trump’s returns
  • Trump’s legal team filed an emergency appeal Monday to stop the handover 
  • They claim Democrats want the files for purely political reasons 
  • Without court’s intervention, the records could have been transferred this week
  • It is the latest twist in a long legal battle between Trump and Congress 
  • If Republicans re-take the House, they will likely end the bid to get the records  

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has delayed the handover of Donald Trump‘s tax returns from the IRS to a Democrat-led Congressional committee.

Trump filed an emergency appeal with the court on Monday, claiming the House Ways and Means Committee were trying to get hold of the records for political purposes. 

Roberts has put the case on hold until the nine justices reach a full decision, and has given the committee until November 10 to respond. 

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Without his intervention, the committee could have gotten the records as early as Thursday. 

It is the latest twist in the long legal battle between the former President and Congress over his financial files.

In August an appeals court sided with Ways and Means and said they could get access to his returns as part of an investigation into the IRS audit process. 

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has delayed the handover of Donald Trump’s tax returns to a Democrat-led Congressional committee

They were set to get access to the tax returns on Wednesday, before Justice Roberts issued the temporary stay. 

Trump’s legal team asked the Supreme Court to intervene because the case raises ‘important questions about the separation of powers’.

‘The only way to preserve these certiorari-worthy questions and to avoid causing [Trump, his eponymous family business, and other associated entities] irreparable harm is for this Court to grant an administrative stay,’ the filing read.

If Trump’s appeal is successful, it could stop the committee from getting his records for years.

And if Republicans take control of the House after the midterms, they will likely end the bid of Democrats to get their hands on the returns.

Trump has refused to release his tax returns and has relied on the courts to keep them under wraps.

Most other Presidents regularly release their returns, but they are kept confidential under federal law. 



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