In this post, I want to talk to you about one of the most important aspects of the world of online business. I am going to talk to you about online marketing tools that will make your success easier in this sector.

For this reason, I am going to present you some marketing tools. Many of them are the most powerful that you can find within their sector. I am sure that many of them will help you in your tasks and facilitate your work in online marketing.

But before everything, I want to talk a little about what online marketing is and why you need tools to put it all together in a good content marketing plan.

What is Online Marketing, and how to apply it?

“Online Marketing encompasses all the techniques used in marketing to increase conversions. That is to say, all the marketing actions that are carried out in order to increase sales, whether of services or products. And not only that but it is also aimed at retaining customers who already have the brand.”

How to take advantage of marketing tools?

Today, everything company includes some type of marketing activities in their communication and advertising strategy.

Due to the low cost of launching different online marketing practices, compared to what it meant to carry out traditional campaigns on television, press, radio, or cinema, these techniques are used by large companies, as well as by SMEs and small entrepreneurs.

Some of the techniques that encompass online marketing are:

Online advertising campaigns:

paid in search engines, social networks, websites, etc. These are text ads or banners that can be segmented so that they are directed exclusively to your target audience and for which you will pay based on clicks or views.

SEO web positioning:

SEO or search engine optimisation is one of the fastest growing segments of online marketing. According to a recent study by one Australian SEO agency, more than 43% of small to medium businesses who market their products or services online will allocate over half of their total marketing spend towards SEO.

Content marketing:

Whether in social networks, blogs, or other types of channels such as email marketing. Currently, it is one of the techniques most valued by users. They perceive direct advertising as intrusive and annoying. However, they value good content and the brands that promote it.

In any digital marketing campaign, it is necessary to define a strategy to follow on social networks and different media. But of course, a strategy is useless if we do not carry out effective actions. And that is where we need to use online marketing tools.

How about we see why you need to use tools for each of the marketing actions you carry out and how they will help you? Go for it!

Why use online marketing tools?

Almost all brands, businesses, and large companies that develop in the online world know that the Internet is a very powerful communication channel to promote products or services.

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Even small and medium-sized companies, aware of the enormous advantages of approaching their audiences through social media, blogs, newsletters, etc., implement strategies to take advantage of their digital actions.

In addition, it is now possible to achieve results much more easily than with traditional media (or offline marketing).

As I was saying, just like in any other sector, online marketing needs tools to produce good results in each of our campaigns.

The top 3 benefits of using these marketing tools are as follows:

Productivity improvement:

Online marketing actions can be analyzed in real-time while the different actions take place. This allows you to optimize and improve the different tasks based on the objectives and what the public demands.

Obtaining better results:

Although offline marketing channels can act in a more massive way, the results through online actions achieve better results since they allow segmenting of the public. That makes it easier for content to reach only those who are interested in the brand or in its products or services.

Savings in human capital costs:

The optimization and scheduling of actions allow for reaching the objectives more quickly and with fewer people needed than for traditional marketing.

In short, having good tools in your digital marketing strategy means achieving better results both for your brand and for possible services that you offer to third parties.

So, now yes, I leave you with the most powerful tools. So you can start trying the ones you don’t know yet and keep the best ones. I hope they help you in your day-to-day life and make your work easier.

Best Marketing Tools to enhance your Online Strategies

Next, I am going to categorize all the digital marketing tools. So that you can consult them when you need them according to their function within a digital strategy.

Blogging Tools

Blogging tools help manage a guest blog posting more effectively since it’s not just about posting content. It’s also about analyzing performance, page load speed, resource consumption, hosting, or search for free images (among other variables).

Keep in mind that a good CMS (or content manager) will make your work much easier.

The most important spot is to provide good content to users. And having the best tools, I assure you, will make it easier for you to develop that content.

Some examples:

Evernote: It allows you to save and organize photos, notes or documents, synchronizing all the information on mobile devices.

Flickr: It is of great help since it allows the use of copyright-free images.

FlexClip: FlexClip is of great help when you want to include video creations in your content. With it, you can create short videos for your business with many great templates.

Canva: It is a graphic design tool that allows you to make infographics and other quality content in a simple and intuitive way. Even if you are not a professional in the field.

Social Media Tools

These are the ones that surely make community managers happier in their daily work. Not only because of the time they save but also because of the information they provide, which is really useful for their task.

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Keep in mind that one of the advantages of online marketing is its ease of measuring and interpreting the tastes of users in order to adapt to their requests and what they expect from us.

These types of marketing tools not only allow you to optimize work on social networks but also provide a large amount of data that you must process and analyze to optimize your strategies.

Some examples:

Hootsuite: It allows you to schedule tweets or posts in advance on several social networks simultaneously.

Spredfast: Offers the possibility of separating the timeline by country and seeing the number of users reached by publication.

Bitly: In addition to shortening URLs, it provides statistics on Facebook and Twitter visits, as well as the degree of the repercussion of the content.

Summify: This makes it easy to search for content. This application does it for you, sending you the most relevant content by email.

Content Curation Tools

Content curation is one of the tasks you must carry out when implementing your content marketing strategy on the blog you manage.

The content curation tools will help you select and critically evaluate the content that may best fit the context of the blog or website. This type of online tool makes it easy for you to know in advance what works among users and what does not.

Some examples:

Feedly: With a good configuration, it will help you to be aware of everything that happens in the sector.

Pocket: In addition to news, it allows you to store videos, images, social network publications, and any material shared on the Internet for later reference.

Linkstant: This allows you to know at all times from where they link to your blog or web page and to what content.

Graphic Design Tools

Whether you are a designer or not, these tools will make your life a lot easier. When you want to work with images to post on social networks, create banners for social networks and websites, develop the design of infographics, or use different types of fonts.

The quality of the contents is not only valued for what they say but also for the way in which they are presented. Great for this, the following digital marketing tools come to help you layout publications and give them your personal touch.

Some examples:

Typecast: It allows you to work with more than 5,000 fonts and select the one you like best.

Mockflow: This tool allows you to assemble a prototype quickly, online, and for several platforms simultaneously.

Codekit: Another tool that helps build websites faster and more orderly.

Infographic Design Tools

Infographics are visual and fun ways to represent certain data and draw the attention of users. Therefore, it is a resource that has been widely used.

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A good infographic helps to simplify the content in a very visual, understandable, and easy to retain way. Users appreciate that the content is understandable and presented for an enjoyable read. And infographics help lighten heavy or long content.

Some examples:

Piktochart: It has some free themes. And in its Premium version, it has a wide variety of templates to choose from. The first time you connect, you can choose between 10 different templates with different designs and colors. Has some free infographics, but most are custom, paid designs.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools are very useful when you have to send mass emails, making this type of task much easier.

As in the rest of the online actions, it is important that you get the most out of these tools and take into account the data they provide you. By analyzing them well, you will be able to know what your users like.

Some examples:

Mailchimp: It allows you to manage profiles, create a list of subscribers, choose between different newsletter templates, etc. The service is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

Contact: Another example that has a user-friendly interface. It has numerous email templates. The service is free for up to 100 subscribers.

SEO Tools

Performing an SEO analysis of a website is not easy. It requires time and specific knowledge. Digital marketing tools to manage SEO will help you a lot in this regard.

Knowing the positive and negative aspects of the SEO of your page or blog offers you the possibility of optimizing search engine positioning.

Do not forget that SEO is something that is constantly evolving. So you cannot stagnate or stop evolving in this field. All industries chase trends and even make their own to increase website traffic. Home services are among the industries that need more push for digital marketing efforts to become fruitful, and that’s why adopting a new SEO technology for home services will keep you on track with your goals.

Some examples:

Woorank: In addition to performing an onsite diagnosis of your website or blog, it gives you practical advice to improve positioning. Also, check the traffic estimate, the popularity of the site on social networks, or mobile optimization.

Metricspot: Reviews the elements of SEO on-page of the web, keywords, internal links, optimization of images, etc.

MajesticSEO: Analyzes the link-building strategy of a website, quantifies the links, and represents them in a graph to analyze their evolution. Its metrics are the “trust flow” and the “citation flow.”


Great, right? If we draw conclusions, we could say that there is a big difference between using tools and not using them.

Now you have at your disposal a large arsenal of tools with which to liven up, optimize, and facilitate all the marketing actions that you carry out in your online projects or businesses.