Subway shooter Frank James, 62, is arrested in Manhattan’s East Village more than 24hrs after gunning down ten at Brooklyn subway station

Subway shooting suspect Frank James has been arrested a day after shooting ten people on a packed Brooklyn train. 

The gunman was taken into custody on Wednesday after some form of stabbing incident in New York. More details are expected at a 2pm press conference. 

James’ arrest on Wednesday brings an end to an embarrassing, day-long manhunt by the FBI and NYPD. 

Now that he is in custody, attention will turn to why it took the police so long to find him in a city that is covered in surveillance cameras. 

Subway shooter Frank James has been arrested a day after shooting ten people on a packed Brooklyn train

The cameras inside the 36th Street station were not working yesterday when he opened fire on the northbound N train at 8.24am. 

It meant he managed to escape as wounded passengers spilled out onto the platform covered in blood.  

James, 62, had posted ranting videos on YouTube about violence, race, Eric Adams and crime in New York City. 

He left Wisconsin, where he lived alone, on March 20 in a rented van, driving through Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and then to New Jersey. 

He is understood to have rented a U-Haul in Philadelphia sometime earlier this week and driven it to Brooklyn, dumping it on the Kings Highway, five miles from the 36th Street station. 

He then was filmed getting on the subway at Kings Highway, shortly after 6am. 

It’s unclear what he did for the next two-and-a-half hours before unleashing a smoke bomb and firing his handgun on the train.  


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