Starting a Dog Daycare: 6 Tips for Success

Fetch a pen and write your plan

A dog daycare business plan will outline all the services your daycare facility offers, including drop-off and pick-up times, pricing, and other important aspects. Get some ideas from successful businesses in other markets like pet boarding in Australia.

Templates are a good example of how a  business plan should look and you can use them if this is your first time creating one. Having a solid business plan will also help you present your ideas to investors if you require additional funding along the way.

Get the website up and running

After you finish the business plan, it’s time to think about your online presence. Establishing your website way before your business gets off the ground running is always a good idea as you can test its functionality.

You will have a place where you can inform clients of your services, and share what makes you the right person for the job and why they should trust you with their beloved pets.

In addition, you can use your website to provide your customers with all your pricing info and open hours. If possible, try to find a domain name that’s exactly the same as your business name so that no one has trouble finding you online.

Find the right location

When opening a dog daycare business, the location is what makes or breaks your whole concept. We all know how active dogs are and how much they love to run around. For this reason, you will need a large space where the puppies can freely play.

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If your residence is big enough, you can think about setting up the whole business in your house, but bear in mind that things might get a little bit messy.

Hire the right staff

When hiring employees, it is important to set high standards. You should first consider the individuals who share your interests as well as those with relevant experience in this particular field. Dog owners and dog lovers should top your shortlist.

However, just loving dogs won’t be enough. Look for individuals that are well-trained and equipped with the right set of skills. They should easily perform various tasks including, walking, grooming, playing with the dogs, and much more. Look for flexible individuals that can adapt and dedicate their effort to creating the perfect environment for pets.

Get the right permits

As with any business, you will need to obtain a business license so that you can operate legally. Other than that, there are no special and mandatory federal licensing requirements. Still, there are some states or cities that require special permits or licenses so it’s best to go over your local state and city laws. When obtaining a license, your business will have to be thoroughly inspected and pass various checks.

Inspectors want to minimize the risk of spreading disease among dogs and ensure that you are following all the proper sanitation procedures.

Get the right insurance

It is a big responsibility to deal with dogs belonging to other people. You don’t want your business to be involved in legal battles and lose revenue. For that reason, getting the right insurance is always essential.

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Your business can be affected by fire, theft, damage and repairs, legal fees, injury, dog runaways, natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances. If the budget allows, opt for small business insurance coverage to protect yourself, the dogs, and your property. 

Bottom line

Each day, a new dog daycare business is opened. However, in order to make it work you’ll need to follow a few steps to ensure success including crafting a solid business plan, obtaining the right permits, and hiring the right staff. If you want to join in on the fun and have a lovely time with your furry friends, refer to this post and follow the tips we shared above.