Stanford Law equity dean who sparked fury by challenging conservative judge brags about her behavior and refuses to apologize

A Stanford Law equity dean who sparked fury after challenging a Trump-appointed judge during a protest at the school has broken her silence and is refusing to apologize.

Tirien Steinbach has broken her silence in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal where she brags about her behavior.

Earlier this month, Judge Duncan was greeted with posters along the walls of the prestigious university – saying he had committed crimes against women, gays, blacks and ‘trans people’ in reference to the case.

He was asked to give a speech at the famous law school earlier in March about the circuit’s Court of Appeals by the student chapter of the conservative Federalist Society, but was met with abuse.

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Steinbach stepped in during the screaming, but instead of calming the students down, she started lecturing Judge Duncan for six minutes using pre-prepared notes.

In her first public rebuttal over the incident, Steinbach has said that she intended to ‘deploy de-escalation techniques’ when she stepped up to the podium where Judge Duncan was speaking.

She wrote: ‘My intention wasn’t to confront Judge Duncan or the protesters but to give voice to the students so that they could stop shouting and engage in respectful dialogue.

‘I wanted Judge Duncan to understand why some students were protesting his presence on campus and for the students to understand why it was important that the judge be not only allowed but welcomed to speak.’

This is a developing story.  


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