Incredible excuse ‘self-entitled’ driver gives to police after she is pulled over for not displaying number plates – as the officer is praised for her reaction

  • Driver ‘going sovereign’ filmed in clash with officer over missing number plates
  • Chloe was pulled over by police officer while driving at Gundagai, in rural NSW
  • She filmed encounter explaining she had taken plates off vehicle day before 

A woman who claims she is ‘not part of the state’ clashed with a police officer after she was pulled over for not displaying number plates.

Chloe Fisher was stopped by police while she was driving near Gundagai, in rural NSW.

She used her phone to film her conversation with the policewoman who asked her for forms of identification and whether the vehicle was registered. 

Chloe stepped out of the car and explained she hadn’t displayed any number plates because she was in the process of ‘going sovereign’.

‘I’m slowly removing myself from being under your corporation,’ she said.

‘You’re actually a corporation. You actually just collect money.’

Chloe handed the officer an ID card that described her status as a ‘sovereign living woman’ with the date of birth category replaced with ‘first breath’.

‘First breath location’ was among the bizarre headings with ‘Earth’ written next to it.

The policewoman remained composed in the video as the driver continued to ramble, explaining that her plates were being kept in the car. 

‘I’m just transitioning… getting all my certificates and everything I need to state that you have no authority over me,’ Chloe said.

‘Because without the number plate and without the licence, I’m not actually under your membership.’

She tried to explain the ‘law’ to the police officer. 

‘You can rightfully pull over anyone who has a registration plate, in whatever state, because you’re registered into a membership,’ she insisted.

‘But without that, technically you end up in court and it gets thrown out because they say you’ve got loss of licence, but if I don’t run under a licence, then there’s nothing to lose.’

The officer asks Chloe to retrieve the number plates from her car before she demanded that her identification card be handed back. 

The police officer remains composed in the video as the driver continues her ramble explaining her plates are being kept in the car

The police officer remains composed in the video as the driver continues her ramble explaining her plates are being kept in the car

‘Can I have my identity?’ she said.

‘I’m not finished with it yet,’ the officer said. 

‘Can you grab the plates out for me?’ 

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Chloe went back to her car and handed over the plates, explaining she had taken them off the day before.

‘I’m not part of the state… I’m not property of the state so you can’t take me,’ she said.

The police officer explained to the Chloe that she had to display the number plates on the vehicle before she could drive it.

‘Your opinions can be whatever they want to be, that’s fine,’ she said. 

‘Unfortunately, the law is the law in this state.’ 

‘L.A.W?’ Chloe spells out.

‘L.A.W? Yes, I’m not going to get into a discussion with you about what your beliefs are.’ 

Footage of the encounter was shared to Twitter with social media users praising the police officer for remaining composed.

‘Exemplary effort from this NSW Police Officer at Gundagai in the face of an entitled, not so smart alec,’ former deputy prime minister Michael McCormack wrote.



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