‘There’s still hope’: Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald reveals she suffered a ‘septic miscarriage’ but is going to ‘keep trying’ for a baby with husband Romain Bonnet

Selling Sunset‘s Mary Fitzgerald revealed she underwent surgery after suffering a septic miscarriage in a video, uploaded to her Instagram on Friday evening.  

In the footage, the 41-year-old reality star, who is married to Romain Bonnet, gave a devastating update in her fertility journey, which she says has been ‘rough.’

‘I’m going to try to do this without crying, it’s taken me a few weeks to say everything that’s been going on,’ she began. ‘We did get pregnant. When were in Bali, and got pregnant, and, unfortunately that didn’t work out,’ the TV personality revealed to her more than 2.1 million followers. 

She continued: ‘And, on top of the miscarriage, I apparently had what they call a septic miscarriage, so I had to go into surgery for that.’

The mother-of-one, who has a adult son named Austin from her previous marriage, went on to state that she knows how ‘common this is’ and that it’s not ‘easy.’

Lots of support: Her friends and castmates rushed to show their love for Fitzgerald under the post

Lots of support: Her friends and castmates rushed to show their love for Fitzgerald under the post

‘I needed a minute because there’s so many eyes on me, and everyone judges, and everything,’ she noted. ‘And, it has been rough, to say the least. But there’s still hope.’ 

Fitzgerald then made it clear that she is going to continue to share her journey and  that are going to ‘keep trying’ and that they’re going to have ‘very good news very soon.’ 

In her caption, the realtor explained that trying to conceive is ‘not always sunshine and butterflies’ and wanted to remind others that they ‘not alone.’

‘We won’t be giving up… and if this message speaks to you in any way or you are feeling down, helpless, alone… please know we are in this together. Hang in there,’ she encouraged. 

The South Dakota native’s castmates and coworkers from The Oppenheim Group quickly showed their support under the post by sharing heartfelt comments. 

‘We will always be here to support you and Romain, through anything. Love you,’ her boss, Brett Oppenheim, wrote. 

Maya Vander, who had a stillbirth at 38 weeks in 2021 and miscarriage after 10 weeks last year, sent her love and expressed her sorrow that Fitzgerald ‘had to experience’ this pain.

Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith commented that Fitzgerald is the ‘most beautiful human inside and out’ and looks forward to them having ‘good news very soon.’ 

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