Brutal moment Scott Morrison is AMBUSHED by a furious TikToker who starts screaming at the PM at a campaign event before being carted out by private security

  • Scott Morrison has been brazenly ambushed by self-described ‘activist’ at event
  • Video uploaded to TikTok shows man asking the PM if he may ask him a question
  • Mr Morrison obliges before realising the TikToker is filming him at private event
  • He walks away as the man calls him a ‘disgrace’ and screams about flood victims 

Scott Morrison has been brazenly ambushed by an irate ‘activist’ who started screaming at him about flood victims during a campaign event. 

The man, who is a staunch supporter of the Labor party on his social media and a self-described ‘activist’, gatecrashed a drinks for the leader on Tuesday night.

He starts the video by asking the Prime Minister if he can ask him ‘one question’. 

Mr Morrison asks if the man is a member of the press to which he admits he is not a journalist, but instead a local with a friend behind the bar. 

Mr Morrison decides to oblige the man anyway, but before he can ask his question the prime minister realises he is being filmed without his consent. 

‘Why are you recording?’ he asks in disbelief, telling him it was a ‘private event’. 

‘Oh… I’m sorry about that. I just wanted to ask one question,’ the man continues.  

Mr Morrison quickly turns on his heel and begins to walk away from the young man, but not before becoming the victim of a furious spray. 

‘Across the river here, people lost their houses. People lost their houses and they were burned,’ the young man screams in his direction. 

‘You are a disgrace. You are a disgrace,’ he yells loudly as Mr Morrison turns his back on him and other attendees look on in shock. 

The man then strides out of the event, tailed by a man claiming to be a police officer.

More to come. 


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