Tracy Grimshaw takes aim at Scott Morrison with a VERY pointed question to the self-confessed ‘bulldozer’ as they clash on housing policy – and the PM reveals the two things he regrets

Scott Morrison has admitted the two leadership fails he regrets during a heated pre-election interview with Tracey Grimshaw on A Current affair. 

With just days until Australians hit the polling booths, Grimshaw grilled the PM on Tuesday night about his controversial new policies and unpopular decision in office – including his infamous trip to Hawaii during the Black Summer bushfires. 

Asked what he would do differently in hindsight, Mr Morrison said he now realises he could have been ‘more sensitive’ and he should have fast tracked the Covid-19 vaccine rollout. 

‘I think I could have certainly been more sensitive at times, there is no doubt about that,’ he said. 

‘In terms of actual policy decisions… I wish in hindsight we had been able to militarise the vaccine rollout earlier.

‘We were doing it through the Health Department first. If we done it earlier and I think that would have made a difference.’

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Grimshaw quickly pointed out the PM had failed to mention other major criticisms about his leadership. 

Grimshaw continued:’ Would you make more of an effort to acknowledge and meet the women who marched in Canberra and around the country because they had enough of being a marginalisation?’ 

‘No, I did the right thing on that day,’ the PM replied.

‘I offered a meeting in my office as I do with so many groups and that’s exactly, I was meeting with other groups on the day as well and I was very happy to have a discussion and I would have welcomed the opportunity for the top of a discussion in my office.’

More to come. 



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