Schiaparelli blasted as Kylie Jenner and Irina Shayk wear ‘ANIMAL HEAD’ outfits


‘Disturbing’ ‘ANIMAL HEAD’ outfits worn by Kylie Jenner and Irina Shayk are BLASTED as designer Schiaparelli is accused of ‘promoting trophy hunting’ at Paris Fashion Week

  • Environmental campaigner Carrie Johnson slammed the Italian fashion house
  • The mother-of-two, 34, took to her Instagram story to criticise the design
  • Schiaparelli insists no animals were harmed in making the clothing collection
  • Naomi Campbell and Irina Shayk were among the models on the catwalk 

Schiaparelli has come under fire for it’s ‘disturbing’ collection which has been accused of ‘promoting trophy hunting’ after models strutted the catwalk wearing animal head replicas.

Environmental campaigner Carrie Johnson was among the voices slamming the Italian fashion house as supermodels Irina Shayk and Naomi Campbell modelled the designs at the Italian Fashion House’s Spring/Summer 2023 show at Paris Fashion Week. Photographer Misan Harriman also urged the designer to ‘be better’.

Mrs Johnson wrote: ‘Grim! Real or fake this just promotes trophy hunting. Yuck!’

The bizarre clothing line is part of the Italian fashion house’s Inferno Couture line and features heads of big cats and wolves, but it insists no animals have been harmed in the production of the line.

The designer posted photos of the intricately designed and embroidered ‘animal heads’ on its Instagram account.

The caption read: ‘Embroidered animals for @schiaparelli’s Inferno Couture.

The leopard, the lion, and the she-wolf—representing lust, pride, and avarice in Dante’s iconic allegory — in hand sculpted foam, resin, wool and silk faux fur, hand painted to look as life-like as possible.’

Big cat head for Schiaparelli

Wolf head for Schiaparelli

The Italian designer posted photos of the animal heads including big cats (left) and wolves (right) in production, stressing no animals were harmed in the making of the collection

Kylie Jenner arrived in Paris for the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show in one of the Embroidered Animals dresses

Kylie Jenner arrived in Paris for the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show in one of the Embroidered Animals dresses

It also stressed: ‘NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN MAKING THIS LOOK.’ Femail has contacted Schiaparelli for comment.

However, the environmental campaigner argued it did not matter whether the designs were real or not.

The 34-year-old has long campaigned for animal rights and environmental conservation and is communications director of the Aspinall Foundation, a charity which works to protect endangered animals.

The charity runs programmes in UK zoos Howletts and Port Lympne, as well as other projects throughout Africa and Asia.

While her husband Boris Johnson was prime minister, Carrie championed animal welfare causes and was a supporter of the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation which campaigned against animal cruelty and hunting.

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She has previously said: ‘I am against fox hunting. Always have been. I even campaigned against it when I was much younger by dressing up as a fox.’

Supermodels Irina Shayk, 37, and Naomi Campbell, 52, were among the stars wearing the Schiaparelli designs on the catwalk this afternoon, with Shayk in a lion head gown while Campbell wore the wolf head on her black outfit.

Kylie Jenner turned human heads as she arrived at the show today wearing one of the dresses which features the head of a male lion.

Posing in the maxi, ruched black dress on arrival at the Schiaparelli Spring/Summer 2023 show, she showed off the enormous lion’s head, complete with a mane, on her chest.

She wore her thick, dark locks in a sleek, high ponytail and accessorised with gold earrings.

The mother-of-two accessorised her unusual dress with a black and gold crocodile-style clutch bag.

Mrs Johnson was not the only figure to criticise Schiaparelli for its design, with famed photographer Misan Harriman, who has previously shot the cover of British Vogue, weighing in on Twitter.

He wrote: ‘Dear fashion industry, this is NOT the way to start the year. nope NOPE NOPE! Be better.

‘Schiaparelli This is disturbing….. and yes I know no animals were hurt in this.’



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