The heartwarming moment a kind stranger pays for a woman’s groceries at Coles: ‘I don’t know how to say thank you’

  • A video of a young man paying for a woman’s groceries has gone viral online 
  • The man initiated contact with the woman by offering his fist to her to ‘pump’ 
  • He then opened his hand to show a note written on there for people at Coles

A young man, who believes in paying it forward, has revealed the heartwarming moment he paid for a woman’s groceries at Coles.

The video begins with the man, Rustam Raziev, fist pumping a woman at the checkout, before opening his hand to reveal something written on his palm.

‘What does it say?’ he asked the woman.

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A man's 'good deeds' video has gone viral - the video shows him buying a stranger's groceries

He started a conversation with the woman at the checkout before asking her to read his hand

A man’s ‘good deeds’ video has gone viral – the video shows him buying a stranger’s groceries

Who read it aloud: ‘Pay for my groceries.’

Initially the woman thought Rus expected her to pay for his shopping but the look of resistance melted into confusion as he revealed he planned to pay for hers.

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‘No, no, no,’ she said.

‘No darling, please, I feel guilty,’ she said again.

But he insisted and added that he does it for many people, and would like to do it for her as well.

‘I don’t know how to say thankyou except…,” she said before fist pumping him.

The video appeared popular on the ‘kindness influencer’s’ page where it racked up 22,000 likes and 280,000 views in two days.

‘It brings me to tears, any time I see a good deed,’ one woman wrote on the post.

While others called him a saint, thanked him for helping people and promised to do the same for him if he ever needs it.

Rus has dozens of videos online showing himself doing deeds for others

Rus has dozens of videos online showing himself doing deeds for others

‘I can’t wait to come to Australia and buy your groceries,’ one man said.   

But not everyone was impressed with Rus’ efforts.

‘Nothing says “I’m a good person” more than doing a good deed for the sole reason of posting it online for likes and attention. The truly good people do this without want of notice and in secrecy,’ one man wrote.

‘I would pay more attention to what we are when no one is watching,’ said another. 

Many were quick to defend him explaining showing the good deeds online could inspire others to do the same.

 ‘Your content makes people aware of the importance of sharing,’ said another.



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